2014 August

2014 August - 01

I don’t know if there’s anyone actually cares about my monthly photo post, but then, as we’re approaching the end of the September, I guess no matter how I have to publish this photo journal.

By the way, I still prefer Mister Donuts over Big Apples.

2014 August - 02

Colleague’s birthday celebration in office.

2014 August - 03

I never consider myself to be good in any particular sports, especially sports that involves an object that gets passed around. They’re fun to play, but competitively, it’s more fun to be the audience.

Marathon and cycling is more to my type.

2014 August - 04

More trainings.

2014 August - 05

Exactly one year after my convocation, I’m back to this land filled with snakes memories.

Good times.

2014 August - 06

It was to attend my friend’s convocation.

2014 August - 07

I thought I’m going to miss out this convocation because something came up unexpectedly.

2014 August - 08

In the end, was able to sort out everything albeit the schedule is a little bit cramped.

2014 August - 09

Something interesting…

2014 August - 10

Nothing’s wrong here.

2014 August - 11

Tried the Palsaik Korean BBQ¬†their famous rainbow pork. Truth be told, I can’t taste their difference because of my weak taste buds… Orz

The soup is gooding yo.

2014 August - 12

Chilling Dogs…

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