2014 Winter Anime Watchlist


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Yet another late entry of my season watchlist. In fact we’re already 2 weeks into the 2014 Winter season and most of the shows have already aired. Once again, thanks to neregate for his anime chart for the season.


Winter 2013/2014 Anime Chart v4

Combining comedy, sex jokes, random stuff and more lame sex jokes = Seitokai Yakuindomo.

Winter 2013/2014 Anime Chart v4

The first season of Chuunibyou was good and I kind of enjoyed the story and the high quality artwork by KyoAni.

Winter 2013/2014 Anime Chart v4

I absolutely love the first season of Gin no Saji, who could’ve guess that an anime about farming could be this good. It has a wonderful and unique story. I am glad that I gave it a try, otherwise, I’d miss out such a great anime with beautiful story. I recommending this series to you if you never heard of this series before


Winter 2013/2014 Anime Chart v4

The synopsis is well written and the girl in the pic is kinda cute.

Let see if lives up to my expectation.

Winter 2013/2014 Anime Chart v4

Top class ojou happens to be the most powerful witch on earth and having the mission to protect our protagonist’s ass.

Winter 2013/2014 Anime Chart v4

Just like KyoAni, I have a special affection towards Shaft’s works. I find their artworks are very unique and daring. However, not each of their series fit my liking. But still, I’m giving this series a go, and see how it fares.

Winter 2013/2014 Anime Chart v4

Not a must watch, but she has jiggly boobs…

Season thoughts:

It seems that this season there’s only sequels in my “sure watch” list. While other series are only given the chance to claim their worthiness within 3 episodes. Is it just me or this season is that unattractive…

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  1. CobraN says:

    I think that I’ll watch some of the classics again, this winter.

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