2013 December

2013 December - 08

The month of Christmas came and gone…

2013 December - 01

My 5 year old external hdd failed… I almost had a heart attack but luckily that only the case USB module broke. Which means I can easily get a replacement chassis and get the HDD up’n running in no time.

2013 December - 02

Thanks to XDA’s avid developer for keeping my phone alive even if it aged 32 months.

2013 December - 03

Office in Christmas mode.

2013 December - 04

Comic Fiesta 2013, I’ll try to post the photos in the coming week.

2013 December - 05

There was like 8 churches at my hometown and they decided to have a rather special way of celebrating 2013’s Christmas – by having unique decorations at their courtyard.

I was lazy, and I only went to one of them.

2013 December - 06

Recycled stuff.

2013 December - 07

2013 December - 08

Merry Christmas!!

How did you spent your Christmas?

2013 December - 09

2013 December - 10

2013 December - 11

Boxing Day at the office.

and I got a set of Tupperware.

2013 December - 12

Went to nearby shopping mall – One City.

2013 December - 13

Fellow colleague went to Japan and brought back some souvenirs.

Japan always has most bizarre flavours, be it chocolate or coke.

2013 December - 14

Waiting for the New Year fireworks show at the top floor of One City shopping mall.

Happy New Year guys. Hope you guys enjoyed 2013 and have a wonderful 2014!!

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