2015 August

201508 - 03

Emo cat is emo.

She’s been gazing out of the window throughout the whole time.


201508 - 01

Coffee Cottage aka the Cat Cafe.

Probably the most exciting cafe I’ve ever been… heck as if I’ve been to many cafes before..

201508 - 02

Demmmm cat.

201508 - 04

A friend’s birthday celebration.

201508 - 05

Showcase cafe.

They have rather amazing toys and collectibles on display.

201508 - 06

Attending AMG 2015 for the very first time.

This event is larger scale than I expected.

Full post coming soon.

201508 - 07

Photographers setting up for cosplay shoots.

201508 - 08

Dato’ Theng Book Cup Badminton Tournament. Our company took the 4th place in the sponsorship/VIP category.

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