AniManGaki 2015

Animangaki 2015 - 01

AniManGaki 2015 took place at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre from 29th to 30th August 2015.

AniManGaki symbolises the combination of “Anime”, “Manga” (Comic) and “Gaki” (Japanese slang of ‘brat’). The event is established by fans for fans, with the purpose of bringing anime, manga, and games enthusiast together and celebrate the diverse pop-cultures of Japan. Since the founding days of AniManGaki, the event has shifted from Sunway University Halls to Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre in order to accommodate the rising number of attendees and event content.

If you’re active in Malaysia’s ACG community, AniManGaki would be one of your must-attend ACG convention in the country.

Animangaki 2015 - 02

This is actually my very first time attending the event despite numerous invitations from my friends for media coverage.

Last year I did came for Animenzzz’s piano concert, but I think that should not be counted right?

Nevertheless, here are the photos of the convention and what not, cosplayers. Enjoy

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