2015 February


The month of February passed in a blink of an eye. It has always being one of my favourite month because of the long awaited Chinese New Year that usually falls in this month.

It has been two months plus since I plotted a daily time table for everything I have to do in order to achieve my New Year Resolution goals. My lifestyle has changed to a strict and timely matter which everyday I have to do my best to accomplish what has been planned. If you do have a goal for this year, have you done anything to achieve it?


“Pelamin” – It is called the bridal throne as the couple is known as King and Queen of the day.

Attended a Malay colleague’s wedding banquet with gf.


It has been a while since I last attended this kind of occasion.

The awkward part is when the majority of the guests are looking at us as if we’re the special guest of the day, if you know what I mean.


The view I have everyday when I arrived home from work. Sometimes they even forgot to turn on the lights.


Went to my university with my superior for a recruitment drive and it brings back ton loads of memories.

By the way, I still owe you the UTAR and Kampar night photowalk photos.


Family Portrait

Blessed New Year.



No, not that ship runs on steam engine.


Ang Pao (red envelopes)

Traditionally, the Ang Pao (red envelopes) are given by the married to the unmarried, whom are the younger generation, as a form of blessing.

Do you celebrate Chinese New Year?


How was your February?

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