Happy New Year 2015

あけおメェ~~~ by かもめ遊羽C87三日ヘ-16a

あけおメェ~~~ by かもめ遊羽C87三日ヘ-16a

あけおメェ~~~ by かもめ遊羽C87三日ヘ-16a

Happy New Year!

Hope you guys are having a great time with your loved ones be it a living being or non-living being.

Before I get into the topic of new year resolution, I’d like to have a brief review about my 2014’s resolution which I posted in last year’s Chinese New Year post.

2014 New Year Resolution – Self Reflection

  • Better time management

Though I started to do my tasks according to my schedule, but then I found that the way I handle my schedules are not really flexible which lead to quite a lot of delays and missed opportunities. So I’d say I never really met the goal of this resolution.

It’s a great start though, that’s why instead of blindly following the tasks, I’d set a goal for each task and work according to my available time.

  • Better financial management

I’m very satisfied with my financial management for year 2014. Get to live, eat and sleep peacefully without having to worry about my wallet. All payments such as rentals, credit cards, fees and debts are paid off every month and my savings is growing steadily.

Still, 2 things that disappoints me:

  1. I still fail to get a hold of trading in the stock market and understanding the economy.
  2. I never prepare a special fund for my own hobby spendings such as tech gadgets or toys. Which I came to realize few days ago when I’m shopping for Christmas’ gift.
  • Cycle more

When I wrote this into my new year resolution, I was planning to purchase a new road bike, hoping to join a local cycling group and enjoy my favourite sports. Too bad that I decided to drop this hobby of mine due to unstable living environment I currently having. You know, living in a rented room and you don’t really have much space in the house to keep your bike. Not to mention that the bike could become a play stuff for your housemates if you place it at the general area.

I might pick up this sport again when I have a much stable lifestyle. (Having my own house)

  • Write more blog articles

Failed to meet the goal. Last year I only posted around 34 blog posts which half of them are really simple content such as a single photo post.

Part of the reason is due to my bad time management, as the time I realized I have to post something, I’m already too late to prepare for the photos and content. That’s why I left out quite a few topics which I really want to share with all of you.

  • Involving in Tech-Critter

Other than posted a few review articles, I can’t really say I’m very active in the group or what.

I’m slow at writing articles and spend most of the time trying to look for the words or phrases to describe my thoughts.

  • Pick up more skills other than IT


In fact, I picked up Web Security which is IT.

  • JLPT N3

I actually achieved this. What a surprise.

2015 New Year Resolutions

Here’s my new year’s resolutions which is mostly improved version from my previous year’s.

  • Improve Time Management

Few days ago, I just came out my task list and goals, which I translates to a brief timetable so that I could systematically complete them accordingly.

  • Improve Financial Management

Since I’ve already have a rather good expenses and income tracking spreadsheet, I’ll continue to work on it so that it’ll show me more information about my spending habits.

Of course, this time I’ll prepare a special small fund for my own hobby and entertainment.

  • Health & Fitness

Cycling is out of my reach at the time being, I guess I need to pick up other type of sports to stay fit.

Swimming & Badminton.

  • Photography

It’s been 5 years since I first got my Lumi-chan. How much has my photography skill has improved since then?

Looking back at my photos, I can clearly see that my photo quality are stuck since 2 years ago.

Therefore I planning to step up my photography skills by going back to basics and relearn everything. New projects for my LX3 coming soon.

  • Blog & Tech-Critter

In order to improve my written English, instead of skimming through online articles, I’ll try to analyse the way how other reputable online authors write.

I can’t really guarantee that I’ll pump out loads of articles, but I’ll try to improve the quality of the articles. You know, qualities over quantity.

  • Learning

It’ll be a joke if I passed my JLPT N2 test which I sit for during the first Sunday of December 2014. That’s why I’m going to properly re-compile the study materials from N5 to N2, then aim to take the N2 exam again in December 2015.


That’s pretty much what I have set in stone right now. I’ll do my best to live up to my expectations and hope that I could gladly write off my resolutions during next year’s review.

What’s your new year’s resolution?

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