2015 Winter Anime Watchlist

Hot Winter

Hot Winter by しょういん

Sorry for the late update, here’s my take for the season.

Thanks to Zana at Neregate as well as the writers at Random Curiosity for the season’s preview.

Kantai Collection -KanColle-

Kantai Collection aka. KanColle is the massively popular online browser game that features personalized battleships in humanoid form. Even if the game itself looks really promising and I once tempted to try it, but when I found out that it requires tedious VPN work just for the game to work, I stepped down. I’m not so desperate for the game yet.

But then, I still often bump into KanColle related medias and what not, KanColle cosplayers at ACG events. They are like trying to guilt trip me for not trying out the game.

Fast forward, now here comes the anime adaptation for the game, and there’s no more reason for me to skip this series especially now the girls are in animated form.

Tokyo Ghoul √A

No, I have yet watched the first season of Tokyo Ghoul. Not because I’m so occupied with other series, but as some of my friends would know that I would be having my anime prime time together with dinner.

So that day was like this, I sit down in front of my computer while preparing to devour my fried rice after clicking play on the first episode of Tokyo Ghoul. 30 gory seconds into the episode and I already lost my appetite. Immediately I stopped the video and played Barakamon episode 1.

So, don’t watch this while you’re eating something.

Koufuku Grafiti

How coincidence, right after Tokyo Ghoul, here comes the anime about cooking. Perhaps this will recover all the lost appetite due to Tokyo Ghoul.

Animated by one of my favourite studio – SHAFT, the art and animation quality for sure will be amazing. Not to mention the theme seems to be family friendly as well. I hope so….

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

The title never really got my attention until I read the synopsis which the concept reminds me of Danganronpa, except that Danganronpa is more into detective style.

Seems like a promising series as the most of the anime bloggers out there are quite looking forward for this. Will it impress me?


To be frank, I have not watched any of the previously aired monogatari series. But then, based on my experience with a couple quick glance through the first episode of Bakemonogatari, I’m quite sure that Tsukimonogatari will be just as good as what I assume it will be.

This series deserve to be enjoyed in full goodness of Blu-ray.

Aldnoah Zero 2

Given that I’m a huge fan of mecha anime, for sure I’ll give this one a try. But first I’ll have to finish the first season.

Durarara x2

I’m 2 episodes into the first season and I sort of like the introduction of it, so this will be in my watchlist as well.

Any of the series is in your watchlist as well and why?

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