2015 with LX3 – Music Box

Music Box

Music Box [2015 Jan 31]
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3
5.1mm (24mm equiv.), 1/100 sec at f/2.0, ISO 80, RAW
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Week 5 of 52

Last Sunday, while we’re on the way home from church service, we stopped by a stationery warehouse as they’re having a stock clearing sales. I’m not a big fan of my local warehouse sales as most of the time they’re just trying to dump their old and low quality stocks especially those imported from a certain country. Though occasionally you might find some great deals, but they’re just way too random.

As expected, most of the stuff that’s on sale are things that not really useful as stationeries – magnifying glasses, wacky pens, shoes stickers(!), iPhone cases and etc. But the notebooks and sketchbooks are great deal, pricing from RM5 to RM8 each. Just that I currently have too much notebooks…

Then I stumbled across a few card boxes filled with all sorts of small colourful boxes (box-ception). At the first glance, I thought they are match boxes, until I realized that “Wait a minute.. a match box doesn’t have a spinning lever.”. Turned out they are mini music box. I picked the “Silent Night” for RM5 as other tunes are just plain boring. It reminds me of the a classic winding music box my mother had when I was a child. Back then I am very fascinated with it, because by just winding up the spring, the music box would play a nice and calming tune. Even until today, I still impressed with this simple musical mechanism.

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