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AFA X - 01

Yesterday was hectic, I had my javascript practical assessment at the morning and yeah, I totally forgot about that until the night before it… So, the test was no-no.

On the same day, had my presentation for the Interpersonal Communication assignment. It went well though..

Anyway, it has been a long wait… Better late than never, here comes the AFA X coverage post. (finally, he stopped babbling about his day..)

I’ll cover both days in this post, while cosplay have to wait for the coming post.

*WARNING* loads of photos… (around 60+ i think)

AFA X - 02

This is my very first anime convention and so true… queue heaven, swarms of zerglings… whatever you call it..

But, I heard the morning queue is longer… ^^;

Anyway, I went there late because my train from Malaysia only arrive at Singapore around 8am.. After settling down with our accommodation and blablabla, it’s already 10am+. (I went with my brother and cousin.)

Had a quick breakie, and head straight to Suntec Convention Centre by MRT. Seriously, their public transport ROCKS!!!

AFA X - 03

First thing to do – Grab the AFA X exclusive stuff.

Got myself a SCANDAL T-shirt.. (expensive T.T)

AFA X - 04

And we manage to catch the “Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer” movie screening because the previous event was somehow delayed.

The movie was uh… How should I put this in words..

The story concept was great but I don’t like how they end it, you know, that kind of “that’s it?” feeling..

Bluray and DVD on sale on 25th December.

AFA X - 05

After the movie, we decided to skip Milky Holmes session and went around the festival booths.. (moe holmes is not my type..)

First up, the BANDAI booth.

They have omething that’s really BIG.

AFA X - 06

Something that’s hot.

I don’t know if you guys aware of this or not, I’m actually a Gundam fan.

AFA X - 07

AFA X - 08

Extra bling too.

AFA X - 09

not to forget the frog invader (LOL)

AFA X - 10

AFA X - 11

Insects also ^^

AFA X - 12

Is that double…. or triple…

AFA X - 13

Den’O, this series was hilarious.

AFA X - 14

Name this kamen rider.

AFA X - 15

next up, GSC x Max Factory booth.

Scaled figures, Nendos and Figmas.

Mari is so sexy in her confident look.

AFA X - 16

She’s a bit small than what I expected..

AFA X - 17

Tony’s Hatsune Miku.

AFA X - 18

Hatsune Miku VN02 mix…

This figure is simply AWESOME… I almost bring her home that day, but her price tag scared me away.

AFA X - 19

Mirai figma !!! (with mini mirai)

AFA X - 20

AFA X - 21


AFA X - 22

AFA X - 23

Target locked.

AFA X - 24


AFA X - 25

AFA X - 26

AFA X - 27

AFA X - 28

AFA X - 29

Nendos can’t be that cute right? errr

AFA X - 30

Majority of the people carry around a huge DSLR…

Like the chap in this pic.

AFA X - 31

AFA X - 32

AFA X - 33

Real stuff looks more awesome than what you seen in review.

AFA X - 34

AFA X - 35

AFA X - 36

Street Fighter… It has been ages since I last played it.

AFA X - 37

Mirai Itasha.

AFA X - 38

Its a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Wagon, a car that you don’t see often.

Danny’s coverage on the car – click here.

AFA X - 39

Cuteness overflow.

AFA X - 41

The swarm that waiting to enter the butler cafe.

AFA X - 42

Ranka at JOYSOUND karaoke booth.

AFA X - 44

Moe Moe Kyun Maid cafe. This year, the theme is school days. (Not to be confused with “nice boat”)

Didn’t went into the cafe because the queue is way too long…

Here’s a video on what’s actually going on in there.

AFA X - 45

AFA-kun itasha.

AFA X - 46

Most awesome Gundam 00 itasha, would love to drive that car around.

AFA X - 47

If not mistaken, KKnM had a section for Dollfie owners to had their daughters posing for the photographers.

No, I’m do not own a daughter.. but I can’t deny that they’re pretty charming.

Danny Coverage on the Dollfies

AFA X - 48

AFA X - 49

AFA X - 50

AFA X - 51

AFA X - 52

Someone had their daughter in Mirai gear.

AFA X - 53

AFA X - 54

AFA X - 55

AFA X - 56

Animax booth showing how live dubbing is done.

AFA X - 57

DOMO pillows… sad case that I didn’t bought it..

AFA X - 58

I was walking around the festival that I forgot about the Hanazawa Kana’s Q&A and Live Dubbing session.. (That’s the only picture that I could get as I was warned that it is a no photography session.)

When I got there, thank goodness that they’re still halfway to go.

Kana is so~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ cute… I’m melting by just listening to her voice… ahhhhh

Mike’D – Sorry, I couldn’t get on the stage to grab Danny’s hat, there’s too much crowd..

After Hanazawa Kana’s session, since we didn’t plan to go for the first day’s concert because we’re poor, thus we decided to leave and get ready to go around Singapore during night.

AFA X - 01

Second day… We got up early because we wanted to catch up with the movie screening of “The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi” on 9.45am.

You need to understand part of the anime version in order for you to enjoy this movie at the fullest.

For me, the movie is totally AWESOME, 163minutes well spent.

Bluray and DVD coming on 18th December.

AFA X - 59

After the movie screening, it was the Regional Cosplay Championship.

AFA X - 60

Well, we skipped the session as we’re so hungry and went out to grab some food.

AFA X - 61

Soon we went back for the appearance of angela, May’n and SCANDAL.

all of them rocks, but still I like SCANDAL more. <3

AFA X - 62


AFA X - 63

After the appearance of the anisong stars.

Again, we went around the festival booths to see what we could get as souvenirs, but end up buying nothing..

I bought a poster though…

AFA X - 64

By the way, at the “Artist Alley” booth, there’s a section for everyone to draw on it.

No, my drawing skill sucks.. but still I draw a stick man on it.

Google for stick man if you seriously don’t know what is that.

AFA X - 65

Spotted a nice sketch of Ikaros from Sora no Otoshimono..

Beh, are you reading this post? Nice isn’t it.

AFA X - 67

After that we went out to have a cosplay “pew pew” session. (pew pew means shooting la..)

Again, I’ll post the cosplay photos in a different post.. real soon…

Didn’t had much time to take photos of all the cosplayers… and we need to rush for the Anisong concert after that.


This year’s AFA is superb, and certainly, I’m attending for next year’s too… hope that my class won’t crash with it.. oh god please..

What a shame… that I could not attend for the Singapore CGM night as I’m rushing back to Malaysia on Monday morning. (SG CGM night is held on Monday night..) And I didn’t bump into Danny to have a picture with him… but nevermind, there’s still chance for me to meet with him and other comrades.

ANISONG!! – The concert was a BLAST!!! angela, KATSU-sama FTW (Moe-suuuu) | SCANDAL <3, they rocked the night!! I fell in love with them after their first song, simply mind blowing. Haruna, Tomomi, Mami, Rina, you girls ROCKS!!!! | lastly May’n, her nickname of Galactic Fairy is not for nothing. Glad that she still performing some songs from Macross F.

EXPERIENCE!! – It is not about money or merchandise, even though when you go around SG, all they talk are $$$… ~.~

Imagine, you’re in a place that loads of like-minded folks are gathering… Seriously, I’m so amazed by that feeling, and for sure that 2 days would be the best experience for my whole otaku life.

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  1. Sarynn says:

    I know! Isn’t that a great feeling? My first anime convention experience was just that way. It wasn’t all about money, the people and events were just plain awesome. ^_^ Let’s hope all conventions we attend will keep up that trend…

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