Amagami SS Dropped

amagami ss

The girls are lovely and I enjoyed the first arc, Haruka’s arc. Even though the story is kinda rushed because of the 4 episodes per girl quota, however I’m still looking forward how the story would turn to.

Slowly, until episode 11, I start to feel annoyed by this series. I don’t know whether is the story’s problem or the protagonist’s fetish problem… I feel so dumb when I’m watching this series, unrealistic.

Anyway, I dropped this series for good. Enough said.

3 thoughts on “Amagami SS Dropped”

  1. Samejima / Junn Tan says:

    Following the series since it’s already in episode 22… the protagonist is already cheating all 6 girls if it’s in the real world, no reset button here. lol

  2. Suto says:

    Depends on different ppl’s taste.
    Unrealistic, yes. But what anime nowadays isn’t? Heck even slice of life anime are entering the realm beyond reality.

    Amagami for me is a part of the growing trend of multiple ending series. Compare to previous harem anime, the male protagonist cheats on different girls in the same timeline than cheating them in an alternative universe. haha

    1. John says:

      hahaha, true indeed.

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