AFA X Loots

AFA X Loot - 01

It has been around 1 week since my Singapore AFA trip.

Busy preparing for my tests and assignments… and now, finally, here comes the photo report of my AFA X trip.

First off, the loots.

AFA X Loot - 02

SG$120.00 for above stuff… ouch…

Actually that was my very first ticketed concert, for the first time it’s anisong concert!!


AFA X Loot - 03

Got myself a SCANDAL t-shirt and the Code Geass pillow for my brother.

“I Love Anisong” t-shirt is my friend’s.

The pillow is quite reasonably priced, SG$19…

Except the t-shirt which costs a bomb – SG$38 for just a normal T.

But I’m also the one who fell into this money making scheme. ~.~

AFA X Loot - 04

oh, almost forgot about this…

I got this lovely poster from the doujin section, Hanazawa Kana poster by Saito Artwork.

More AFA X photo report coming soon.

15 thoughts on “AFA X Loots”

  1. Raki says:

    Looks fun, I wish I could be there. =D

  2. MikeD says:

    What! no figures? no DVD’s? Ok I guess next year
    we set up a paypal account and accept donations
    make you have to carry tons of stuff home.

    Actually that’s not a bad haul. I learned at the Star
    Trek Conventions about buying too much, having
    to cart it home and then pay for it for the next 6
    The important thing is that you had fun.

  3. FlawlessExa says:

    Don’t put people’s names backwards if you like Japan so much. It’s incorrect. It should be Hanazawa Kana.

    1. John says:

      my bad, thanks for correcting.

      *content edited*

    2. MikeD says:

      I don’t see a problem with it as long as you pick
      one way or the other and are consistent.

      1. FlawlessExa says:

        Her “real name” is 花澤香菜. But since not everyone can read Japanese, romaji is used instead. 花澤香菜>はなざわかな>Hanazawa Kana. Her name is not 香菜花澤.

        It is the culture of Japan to have their name that way, that’s how it was for the past hundred years and that should be now when they introduce themselves.

        For someone who is new or not that seriously into Japan, then it’s forgivable, as there’s too much misunderstanding already. But if one is really loving Japan, then I think they should respect and understand the cultural differences.

        You can’t just go to Japan, see a famous person, and call out their name backwards. It just shows how uneducated you are and perhaps rude.

        And many people are not consistent either because because they don’t know anything. Some correct, some backwards and they don’t know.

        Many fansubbers also don’t put Japanese names backwards now a days. They put it in the way it was spoken, the way it should be.

        Sorry for the long comment! But that’s the explanation. ^ ^;

        1. John says:

          Yes, you got the point there. Japanese have their last name in front of first name. Same goes for me, a Chinese.

          Certainly I won’t happy to have my name called backwards..

          1. Suto says:

            I do agree with some of your points but to a certain extend only. But I believe you should forgive @John since he is just seeing and typing from the poster only.

            But I do find your statement, “Don’t put people’s names backwards if you like Japan so much.” to sound like those weeaboos you find in ggkthx comments. Not to offend you or anything but as a chinese, I also find it annoying as well. Especially filling forms out, asking for first and last name, than only to get my name position backwards.

            While I usually don’t bash ppl that written romanji names in the wrong way becuz the confusion with western and japanese name orders. But I won’t forgive if its written in Kanji format. Saying that, I don’t find any problem with people typing/saying in any way as I believe western naming order is used to help ease the problem of ppl interpreting a person’s name. As I would be very offended if someone were to get my family and given name wrongly. (as in they thought the first name is last name and last name as first in their minds). But for us, since we know how their naming order is written than we should just respect it in its original form.

          2. FlawlessExa says:

            Did I seem offensive? I apologize if I did. I probably should have worded it differently.

            I don’t like it even if it’s in romaji. If you really respect its culture, you should have a clear understanding of the names. Romaji is only used because people can’t read the Japanese. Putting it backwards defeats this purpose.

            Just because your countries don’t follow that way doesn’t mean you have to change theirs to make it easier on yourself. Instead you should learn and respect their culture. (By “you” I mean other people, not directed at you per say)

            I am Chinese myself, so I know exactly what you are talking about. ^ ^;

  4. MikeD says:

    To be honest this silliness isn’t worthy of my time.

  5. John says:

    Chill people, chill…

  6. MikeD says:

    Who’s hot? Shooot, I’m so chill I can turn a Pepsi into
    an instant Popsicle.
    Look here’s the bottom line. You will use what ever is
    the local custom. In the west the family name is last.
    In Japan it’s first. Although i think more Japanese are
    aware of it then Americans. So of course i would
    refer to John as John Diew and Gallante Peter San
    as Peter Gallante. Neh?

  7. Ivyfoong says:

    Why didnt bring me go~~~~???

  8. Annoymous says:

    Hi.About this.I got this lovely poster from the doujin section, Hanazawa Kana poster by Saito Artwork.
    Which doujin section is that?

    1. John says:

      if you went to AFA X, there’s a section in the festival hall that called as “Artist Alley”, beside the Sega booth.

      they display quite a number of artworks there, and of course selling some of them.

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