2010 October

2010 October - 01

Sorry for the super-duper late monthly photo post.

Lots of things happened during the end of October, especially the accident happened to my friends…

It sure caught us off guard… and as a friend, we couldn’t do much for them, other than praying…

But still, the worst scenario occured..

Anyway, she left peacefully, and of course all of us hope that she’s happy at the fairland.

2010 October - 02

Got my passport. My very own passport.

To be frank this is my first time to travel to another country… in my 19years of life, almost 20…

2010 October - 03

I got this metal guy as a souvenior from my uncle who went to Thailand.

2010 October - 04

My room.

2010 October - 05

Went to my father’s arowana breeding pond.

2010 October - 06

It rained during our way back from the breeding pond.

2010 October - 07

Rainy day~

Do you prefer sunny day or rainy day?

2010 October - 08

Had a meeting at OldTown coffee house.

2010 October - 09

Celebrated 10s.

2010 October - 10

Oh, and went to Bukit Merah water theme park.

2010 October - 11

Nice “boat”.

2010 October - 12

Celebrated Yi Ning’s birthday.

2010 October - 13

The lovely girls.

2010 October - 14

2010 October - 15

2010 October - 16

2010 October - 17

Oh, not to forget Mr. Koo.

2010 October - 18

2010 October - 19


2010 October - 20

Tutorial class…

2010 October - 21

Nice figure on my car’s dashboard.

Sorry for the lack of photos for this post…

Tomorrow is the deadline for my website development assignment..

This is John, signing off~

5 thoughts on “2010 October”

  1. MikeD says:

    Nice pics. Cute ladies and OMG you have a Mickey D’s
    thats open 24 hours! They tried that here but only the
    drive through. They only serve breakfast in the morning
    hours so if I want a burger at 4am I have to go to the
    Steak & Shake.

    1. John says:

      oh?? At my region, 80% of the McDs are operating 24hrs. hmm..

      1. MikeD says:

        Well! another reason to visit Malaysia.
        24hr Mickey D’s
        Gorgeous beaches.
        and Beautiful ladies.
        I just don’t know which order to put them.

        Guess I need a transporter so I can work here and
        live there.

  2. Kam says:

    Nice photos, thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. shinyen says:

    >< why got me over here??

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