AFA11 Cosplay

AFA11 Cosplay - 01

The second day of AFA11 was a crowd disaster. There are two other conventions took place at the same day besides AFA.

Basically there’s two major swarms of Zerglings, one for AFA, another for electronics. Although the third exhibition isn’t at the same level as the other two, but it took away the cosplayer’s floor space. Leaving the cosplayers and photographers wandering around.

The lighting was bad and the crowd was a mess. Terrible experience for cosplay photoshoot.

AFA11 Cosplay - 02

AFA11 Cosplay - 03

AFA11 Cosplay - 04

AFA11 Cosplay - 05

AFA11 Cosplay - 06

AFA11 Cosplay - 07

AFA11 Cosplay - 08

Like what I mentioned last time, I’m too rushed. Attending only one day is not enough for event and photoshooting.

Most of my photos turned out to be crap.. sigh

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