AFA11 Culture Japan Booth

AFA11 CJ Booth - 01

Danny Choo, known as one of the most successful and respected Japanese Pop Culture blogger. Last year’s AFA X, he was invited as a special guest. This year, he is the official emcee for stage events and even has his own booth.

Culture Japan is a TV show directed by Danny, introducing the Japanese Pop Culture contents to the viewers around the world. Season one was broadcast on Tokyo MX TV and ANIMAX Asia, now you can have it streamed at CrunchyRoll.

AFA11 CJ Booth - 02

Suenaga Mirai is the mascot of Culture Japan (was known as Illustrated by Yuko Azami, the mascot stayed on the site’s banner and slowly gaining popularity along with the site. More info here.

AFA11 CJ Booth - 03

AFA11 CJ Booth - 04

AFA11 CJ Booth - 05

AFA11 CJ Booth - 06

AFA11 CJ Booth - 07

Didn’t know Danny is giving out this PR card for free during the event.

AFA11 CJ Booth - 08

Mirai Clock 3, waiting Android version.

AFA11 CJ Booth - 09

AFA11 CJ Booth - 10

Mirai Oppai mousepad.

I used to own a mousepad with wrist-rest, but turned out I don’t like the wrist-rest…

AFA11 CJ Booth - 11

Mirai uniform forĀ cross-dressing cosplay.

AFA11 CJ Booth - 12

Next AFA 2011 post would feature the long awaited cosplayers photos.

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