Angel Beats! Episode 02 Guild

Angel Beats! Episode 02 - 03

This post has been late for that the episode 03 will be airing on Friday past midnight.

Anyway, here’s a quick view on the episode 02 of “Angel Beats!” – Guild.

Don’t read this post if you don’t want spoil the fun of watching the anime yourself.

Angel Beats! Episode 02 - 01

The title of episode is given – Guild, because this time we’re told about the underground supporter of SSS. Guild provides equipment and weaponry supplies for their operations, and they are located under the campus.

The episode starts off that they wanted to pay Guild a visit so they could replenish their supplies for next operation, however the time they set journey, they found that the Anti-Angel traps have been reactivated. Which means the Angel has found the Guild.

Angel Beats! Episode 02 - 02

Hilarious part of this episode is the “death” of each member after passing every trap… Well, they don’t really can die though, but they still could feel the pain. Apart from the funny parts, we get to see lots of actions especially from Shiina and Yuri in this episode. Shiina is probably the most skilled fighter in the group. Yeah, Shiina is COOL and CUTE.

Angel Beats! Episode 02 - 04

Angel Beats! Episode 02 - 05

Angel Beats! Episode 02 - 06

Angel Beats! Episode 02 - 07

Angel Beats! Episode 02 - 08

Angel Beats! Episode 02 - 09

Secret fan-service here.

Angel Beats! Episode 02 - 10

Angel Beats! Episode 02 - 11

This is so unexpected.

Angel Beats! Episode 02 - 12

Another turn of event is that Maeda decided to add some tragic element into the episode, and whoa… he got me… After all those laughs, suddenly we’re exposed of Yuri’s pass… My heart shivers…

I was wondering Yuri’s death and how come she could still remember the incident happened during she’s alive. Another important fact she told is, people who committed suicide won’t come to this world.

Angel Beats! Episode 02 - 13

Angel Beats! Episode 02 - 14

Eventually, Otonashi and Yuri reached Guild and decided to blow up the present Guild because Angel has found the place.

Angel Beats! Episode 02 - 15

Angel Beats! Episode 02 - 16

Yes, Yuri versus Angel scene.

Angel Beats! Episode 02 - 17

Angel Beats! Episode 02 - 18

Shiina is too cute~.

Angel Beats! Episode 02 - 19

The episode is certainly done really well. It involves most of the characters and I really enjoyed the story. Of course not to forget Yuri’s pass.

Looking forward for next episode, hoping that we get more information about the world-after-death and other special abilities they have other than immortality.

3 thoughts on “Angel Beats! Episode 02 Guild”

  1. Eric says:

    That episode.02 picture is constructed really nice. I love it’s simplicity and great use of typography!

    1. John says:

      wow.. I just posted for less than 10minutes… and here comes the first comment.. thanks

  2. Fabrice says:

    Best part of this episode was Yuri’s past. They brought a really frightening story there.
    Their excavation to the Guild was not good, they all died spectacularly one after the other but you already know that they don’t.. that steals the tension and the scales are off any rationalism.
    Hope it will make a bit more sense with ongoing episodes, otherwise AB will be a big disappointment.

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