Angel Beats! Episode 03 My Song

Angel Beats! 03 - 01

Third episode of “Angel Beats!” is simply amazing…

Talk about the story, animation and music – Words can’t describe how great it is, but to watch it yourself. Here, we have several screencaps for the episode.

Don’t continue reading if you don’t want to spoil the fun of watching the episode yourself.

Angel Beats! 03 - 02

The character for the day is Iwasawa, the lead vocal of the marvelous all girls band – “Girls Dead Monster”.

Angel Beats! 03 - 03

We’re introduced with a new character – Takeyama. or what he insisted to be called as “Christ”. From his looks, he is a genius super hacker who could read out PI. =.=

Angel Beats! 03 - 04

PI attack.

Angel Beats! 03 - 05

The operation – “Angel Area Invasion Plan”, well, to sneak into the place where Angel lives and get information.

Angel Beats! 03 - 06

No TK action… ORZZ

Angel Beats! 03 - 07

More Key coffee.

Angel Beats! 03 - 08

The mysterious demonic girl from the first episode finally gets her screen time. She’s also a member of SSS and a big fan of Girls Dead Monster. I wondered the importance of her role in this series as she’s not appearing in the opening and ending.

Angel Beats! 03 - 09

Angel Beats! 03 - 10

Otonashi stumbles on GirlDeMo, practicing for the concert.

Angel Beats! 03 - 11

Iwasawa is so cool.

Angel Beats! 03 - 12

Iwasawa told Otonashi about her past… If I’m her, I wouldn’t accepted my fate too…

Angel Beats! 03 - 13

Angel Beats! 03 - 14

Tenshi: “It’s almost like I’m the bad guy.”

What does this means?!?!?

Angel Beats! 03 - 15

I like girls with confidence look.

Angel Beats! 03 - 16

The most powerful OS in the world, introducing – Macrosoft Winding XO.

Angel Beats! 03 - 17

Just like the first episode, the concert scene is AWESOME. I couldn’t help but to take loads of screen caps.

Angel Beats! 03 - 18

Angel Beats! 03 - 19

Our cute bassist – Sekine.

Angel Beats! 03 - 20

Angel Beats! 03 - 21

Angel Beats! 03 - 22

Angel Beats! 03 - 23

Their song is great, especially Alchemy. I can’t wait for the release of their single.

Angel Beats! 03 - 24

Angel Beats! 03 - 25

Yusa, the operator of SSS. She’s a calm and gentle mannered girl.

Angel Beats! 03 - 26

Angel Beats! 03 - 27

Angel Beats! 03 - 28

Angel Beats! 03 - 29

Angel Beats! 03 - 30

Angel Beats! 03 - 31

Their concert is heated up with intervention of teachers and staffs, forcefully stopping their performance.

Angel Beats! 03 - 32


Angel Beats! 03 - 33

Seems they’ve retrieved some important data.

Angel Beats! 03 - 34

Ballad song – here’s the highlight of the episode. (sorry I don’t know the name of the song)

EDIT* – apparently, the upcoming Girls Dead Monster single release has a song named “My Song”, so my guess it’s the name of the song.

Angel Beats! 03 - 35

Angel Beats! 03 - 36

I like Iwasawa a lot, especially when she’s singing, how could she disappear from the series… Even the ending has being altered, and she’s replaced with Takeyama (or Christ).

From wiki, the world-after-death serve as middle ground between earth and heaven, where students learn to give up any lingering attachments they still have from life before finally going to heaven.

Iwasawa probably accepted her fate, and “graduated” from there. T.T

This episode is certainly great but I’m not satisfied with the fact that they have to rush due to the 13episode restriction. As you can see, the character who just got her episode disappeared in the end.

At this point, Angel Beats! could be one of the very best anime I’ve ever watch if there’s more episode for character developing. For now, there’s still 10 more episodes to go…

How do you think of this episode?

2 thoughts on “Angel Beats! Episode 03 My Song”

  1. Fabrice says:

    Call me Christ XD
    anyway sad episode, to see iwasawa leave so soon =/

    1. John says:

      No one could replace Iwasawa’s place in GirlDeMo.. T.T

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