Angel Beats! Episode 04 Day Game

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 01

The fourth episode of “Angel Beats!”, as what previewed during last episode, the story will be a guerrilla operation of taking part in a baseball game…

I was thinking of who would be the character of the day, and surprisingly it turned out to be Hinata…

Don’t continue reading if you don’t want spoil the fun of watching the episode yourself.

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 02

The episode starts off with a brief flashback when Hinata was still alive… during a very important game… then the flash back ended.

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 03

Hey, the episode is not just about Hinata only. We’re now “officially” introduced with Yui, well, replacement for Iwasawa??

Anyway, the opening of this episode is K1ck-@ss!!.. Rock version of “My Soul, Your Beats!”.

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 04

Uhm… Death Metal??

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 05

Yui is a Devilish-Hyperactive-Loli.. Although there’s a lot of negative critics about how annoying she is, however I don’t feel it that way.

I like her character design, especially her outfit – the devil tail, the strapped boots (or stockings?)

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 06

Yuri’s order to SSS members to participate in the Baseball tournament to win over Angel’s Student Council “fair and square”. The reason is that they couldn’t have a proper operation due to their diversion division is not in a good shape after the disappearance of Iwasawa.

And so, Hinata recruited Otonashi to his team and then went around the school looking for more members.

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 09

Well, the recruitment doesn’t seems to be working well.

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 10

Not well.. I was hoping TK to be with their team.

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 11

and so, Yui is recruited too..

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 12

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 13

Yui-nyan~~ awesomely cute… someone please make a GIF.

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 14

Death Lock!!

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 15

Hell yeah they recruited Shiina. Note that this part’s animation detail is awesome.. You could see the dust!!!.

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 16

Noda joins the groupie.

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 17

Erm… three anons..

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 18

and so they take part with just 9-1 = 8 members. (what a team…)

forgot to mention that Shiina is in training – balancing a broom on her fingertip. (note* she never drop it throughout the episode)

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 19

TK – “Don’t stop dancing!”

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 20

LOL.. what a team… (what’s Noda writing.. Die??)

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 21

Student council team came up.

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 22

The guy is Naoi, Student Council vice-president.

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 23

I choose not to take screencaps as there’s too much actions during the tournament..

At least here’s the Yuri-Villian-Laugh.. She’s just observing from SSS HQ.

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 24

Flashback continuation, it seems Hinata failed during the game and wasted his team’s effort… eventually he caught up with drugs… How he died is never mentioned.

Angel Beats! Episode04 - 25

At this point, I’m pretty sure that Hinata would disappear if they win the game…

However, just the moment Hinata trying to catch the ball, Yui ruined his reincarnation chance… ended with their team losing.

Overall, the story itself is good, just the rushing made the plot too brief. Same complain.. too short.

However, there’s several great thing about this episode, for example, the stunning rock version opening.

How’s your opinion?

2 thoughts on “Angel Beats! Episode 04 Day Game”

  1. Fabrice says:

    I really thought hinata was going to disappear =/
    luckyly he didnt.

    anyway great episode again.

    Shiina and her Broom XD XD

    1. John says:

      XD XD.. an acrobatic team.

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