Kousaka Tamaki -Marriage- by New Line

Kousaka Tamaki -Marriage- 01

Kousaka Tamaki -Marriage-

Scale: 1/6

Sculpter: Goemon

Manufacturer: New Line

Original: ToHeart2

Release Date: 2010 September

Retail Price: 9800yen

Information from: HobbySearch

ToHeart2’s older sister character – Kousaka Tamaki, in bridal dress. What a striking beauty…

Kousaka Tamaki -Marriage- 02

I’ve watched ToHeart2 along with all of its OVAs…

Her strong, dominant and disciplined personality is why I’m a big fan of her.

Kousaka Tamaki -Marriage- 03

Is it because of the paint or the photo quality… despite the great sculpting work, however the surface looks quite rough…

Hmm, New Line… never heard of this company before. I tried to search for its website, but nothing turned up.. From their previous figure releases, most of their quality is quite dodgy..

Preorders are available at HobbySearch and several other online hobby stores.

One thought on “Kousaka Tamaki -Marriage- by New Line”

  1. Fabrice says:

    Too expensive =/

    plus i must say,..shes not my fav.

    manaka ftw ^^

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