Angel Beats! Episode 05 Favorite Flavor

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 01

This week’s episode title – “Favorite Flavor”, which I had no idea why they’ve chosen this as the title when it was previewed during last episode.

After watching the episode, “Favorite Flavor” certainly stroke really hard on me.

Don’t continue reading if you don’t want spoil the fun of watching the episode yourself.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 02

Studying Tenshi is Cute.

Finally the story is going into Tenshi’s route in this episode.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 03

This is epic.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 04

This week’s operation is to ruin Tenshi’s Student Council President’s reputation.

Yuri is suspecting Tenshi is also human, same as them.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 05

The chosen warriors for the operation – Takamatsu.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 06


Angel Beats! Episode05 - 07

Ooyama and Takeyama (Christ?)

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 08

and finally Otonashi.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 09

Of course Yuri as the leader.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 10

At the examination venue. Because the seats are assigned through draw lot, so I’m glad that they doesn’t purposely made Otonashi to sit with Tenshi just because he is male protagonist.

Instead Takeyama sits in front of Tenshi, so that he could exchange her paper.

By the way, finally we get to know Tenshi’s real name – Tachibana Kanade.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 11

Too CUTE, lets call her Kanade from now on.

Cuteness level overflow.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 12

of course to have the plan successfully executed, someone need to distract other student’s attention.

Hinata failed.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 13

But Yuri prepared backup plan… Rocket Chair.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 14


Angel Beats! Episode05 - 15

Second warrior – Takamatsu. I didn’t expect he had those pecs!!

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 16

His distraction plan failed…

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 17

and being Sky Rocketed

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 18


Angel Beats! Episode05 - 19

Ooyama is the next warrior, he has to confess to Tenshi, of course he failed miserably.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 20

At this point everyone are expecting Ooyama to crush his head on the ceiling but…

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 21

Hinata got it instead… I LOLed until…

Weird thing that, Otonashi’s turn is not shown… Maybe to avoid repetition of same joke..

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 22

The operation went well, and…

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 23

Kanade is stripped of her Student Council President position.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 24

The guy we saw last episode – Naoi, is replacing her position.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 25

Yuri call in Operation Tornado.

Yui is now official member of GirlDeMo, as the lead singer and guitarist.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 26

New song – Thousand Enemies, the song left by Iwasawa.

from this point you could see that they just wasted another precious story arc. Because the story is focusing on Kanade, the concert and the song turned out to be a total waste and I couldn’t even move my attention to the band.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 27

Kanade came as expected… However, Otonashi sensed some abnormalities on her, thus ordering others not to attack her.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 28

Yuri was surprised with Kanade’s action, ignoring SSS…

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 29

She went to buy a meal ticket.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 30

Yuri is now finally understand that, Kanade fought with them previously because she’s just enforcing her responsibility as a student council president.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 31

Kanade lost her meal ticket due to execution of Operation Tornado…

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 32

She just lost everything……

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 33

Ironically, Otonashi got her meal ticket – Super Spicy Ma Po Toufu, which probably is her favorite dish.

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 34

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 35

Just imagine how sad is this… She’s actually a human, tried her best to help others, but had no friends and even stripped off of everything she had…

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 36

I want to give her a hug…

Angel Beats! Episode05 - 37

The ending shows the new student council president came directly to them…

i think SSS gonna have a tough time dealing with that Naoi fella… Kanade is way more better than him..


I personally thinks this episode is awesome… The blend of laughter and sadness… At first I could still laugh at the comedy but soon, I almost burst into tears when I saw Kanade’s lonely figure… I sense something is dying in me…

Otonashi: “I’m sure this must be her favorite food, I stole that simple pleasure from her… The thought of her going to buy a meal ticket by herself, then eating her Ma Po Toufu alone in a corner of the cafeteria… The image of her like that is too sad…”

Maeda just got me…

3 thoughts on “Angel Beats! Episode 05 Favorite Flavor”

  1. Okazaki-san says:

    I’m with you,watching Kanade like that really got to me.I also noticed Yuri’s strange reaction when Otonashi talked to her.

  2. Blacksun88 says:

    i feel so sad for tenshi!! she is too moe to deserve such treatment T_T

  3. Fabrice says:

    Tenshi =/
    really i feel bad for her now D:
    so lonely, she even accepted the so called love request XD

    ”pick a place and time “‘

    anyway great episode, just gets better and better

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