Logitech MX518

Logitech MX518 - 01

Continuation of Project 955. After 1 month of waiting, motherboard is finally back from warranty. Yeah… I fried my new board last time because there was a leak in the power cable used.

Anyway, I ordered this mouse and shipped along with the board.

It’s not like I’ve fed up with my current mouse, Logitech V120, but as I need to give my laptop to my sister, naturally I have to give the mouse too. By the way, I’ll be using a desktop, so it would be meaningless to use a short cabled laptop optimized mouse.

Logitech MX518 - 02

The packaging is as same as any other logitech packaging for their mouse. A see through packaging with green, white and red color combination.

The back of the package provide more details on the product.

Logitech MX518 - 03

More technical specifications.

The sensitivity is stated to have 1800dpi, but the software provided indicating that the mouse could reach 2000dpi…

have no idea what’s going on here, but I rarely used a mouse with sensitivity set higher than 1200dpi.

Logitech MX518 - 04

Open box.12

Logitech MX518 - 05

Included Logitech MX518 mouse itself, quick start guide and a driver disc.

Logitech MX518 - 06

The mouse has quite odd in term of color design, especially with the silverish embossed-like finish. However, that’s what so called unique.

Both side of the mouse has sculpted rubber grip which I found is quite comfortable, but not as great as the mouse bundled with MK700 that I tested before.

Logitech MX518 - 07

There’s total of 8 programmable buttons.

Logitech MX518 - 08

“Polytetrafluoroethylene feet” is what stated at Logitech website. Well, I can’t deny that the mouse slided really well if compared with V120.

Logitech MX518 - 09

Side by side comparison with Logitech V120. The size is remarkably larger.

Logitech MX518 - 10

The software provided – Logitech SetPoint. You could set all sorts of command on the buttons.

Logitech MX518 - 11

From here, You could set up to five different sensitivity. You could change the sensitivity by just pressing the button on the mouse.

At first, I was planning to get a G500 or G9x, but the price tag made me to choose MX518 over them. So far, I’m very satisfied with this purchase, MYR90.00, and all those function buttons, exactly what I want.

Including this mouse, I think I own around 4 logitech devices already, and I’m really satisfied with their products.

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