Angel Beats! Episode 09 In Your Memory

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 00

Yes, Angel Beats! is now 9th episode. Sorry for the late post, life’s hectic with the starting of school..

Last episode’s cliffhanger ending has left us wondering what would happen to Kanade after merging with all her clones at the same time.

Some might thought this episode would be about Kanade turning evil.. and blablabla.. but wrong~~~

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 01

After the incident, Kanade was left unconcious…

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 02

Everyone are worrying whether Kanade would turn evil or not.

That’s pretty normal, could you imagine how should they fight with the ALL-IN-ONE evil Kanade… zzz

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 03

Yuri even sent Takeyama to decode the Angel Player program.

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 04

Otonashi fell asleep while taking care of Kanade.

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 05

Now the stage switched to Otonashi’s dream, which is the continuation of his memory!!

What a surprise that Otonashi was actually not die-on-the-spot during the train accident.

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 06

He helped a young chap, Igarashi, and they became friends.

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 07

Getting out of the wrecked train, they found the railway tunnel is blocked.

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 08

They decide to save other injured passengers.

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 09

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 10

Had everything settled down, Otonashi tried to find an exit, but they’re trapped…

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 11

Worst of all, Otonashi himself is also injured… That kind of wound seems like an internal bleeding.

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 12

While waiting for rescue team to arrive, they have to conserve their water and food supply.

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 13

Out of desperation, a guy snatched the water supply and tried to run but failed… (I wonder where could he escape to since both sides of the tunnel are blocked…)

Otonashi is kind enough to let him pass….

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 14

Day 3, a guy passed away due to his serious injuries…

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 15

Day 7…. (It is posible for the rescue team to take such long time to reach them, because the usage of explosives is extremely dangerous.)

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 16

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 17

Everyone are dying..

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 18

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 19

Otonashi borrowed a pen from Igarashi. He took out his health card and registered as an organ donor.

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 20

He practically donated everything.

Even he won’t live on, but his organs might save other people’s life.

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 21

Everyone did the same… (the following scenes made me cry)

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 22

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 23

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 24

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 25

and Otonashi died before rescue team could reach him.

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 26

What an awful fate… Those who are saved should be greatful that Otonashi actually sacrificed himself to save them…

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 27

Kanade is awake… thank goodness that she’s alright!! and cute as always.

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 28

Otonashi told her about his past, his dream of helping others, and how his life ended.

Knowing he was able to save someone even after he died, Otonashi thought he has no more regrets…

But he did not disappeared because he also wanted others to understand what their life is, and find peace.

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 29

and so, he joined force with Kanade to help out others..

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 30

Probably Otonashi reported to the school about how they changed Kanade’s paper during last examination, Kanade once again is Student Council president.

Angel Beats! Episode 09 - 31

Those involved with the cheating are under detention.

Otonashi is now a spy in SSS-dan.


I’m very very very very impressed with this episode. Probably the greatest episode of all, because rather than leaving Otonashi died instantly, they actually brought up the continuation of the accident…

The drama aspect of this episode is strong and solid. Especially the scene of they sign as a organ donor, this reflects a very important phenomena in our society. Nowadays, there’s still a lot of people refused to register as a donor, because they scare or whatever… When you die, instead of taking along your organs into the grave, why don’t donate it and save other’s life.

This episode also concludes that the final mission is to “graduate” other SSS members… Everything is now back to the main point, to let us readers know how great our life is…

but only 4 episodes left.. Can they go through all SSS members… zzz

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  1. CK says:

    Aiyo u cried arr? Haha XD

    1. John says:

      cried because how foolish we are… Only to notice the importance of helping others at the end of life

  2. Fabrice says:

    Hinata was so close D:
    sad that happened..slip seconds.
    anyway i guess now hell work with angel to make the rest disappear

    1. John says:

      yeah, Hinata almost got the ball and Yui ruinned the only chance…

  3. zu says:

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    1. John says:

      Just done the survey.

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