2010 May

2010 May - 01

Bye Bye May, Hello June ^^

Probably because of a month worth of holiday, thus I feel like time passes in a blink of eye.

Talk about holiday, yes, semester break for one whole month, and I just spend 3 weeks at home, while another week went back to my hostel and prepare for new semester.

2010 May - 02

Back to my hometown at Sitiawan… Meet up with some old friends…

2010 May - 03

Helping to clean up the house…

2010 May - 04

Repair some old PCs… Lots of problem.. Power supply failure, motherboard failure, OS corrupted..

2010 May - 05

Home made burger for din-dins.

2010 May - 06

Danny’s beloved Sarsi.

2010 May - 07

Also went to local PC Fair… which mostly sells craps..

2010 May - 08

Look at all these cheapo headphones…

Most of the PC shop took part in the fair are local PC shops… and they usually just sell cheap stuffs.. because there ain’t much Sitiawan people are tech savvies..

Do you have PC Fair around your place?

2010 May - 10

netbooks for sale, as low as MYR1299. (around USD400)

2010 May - 11

hanging out.

2010 May - 12

random shots

2010 May - 13

DaoQi just got his DSLR, if not mistake, Canon EOS 550D… Beh is playing around with the camera.

Welcome to the dark side.

2010 May - 14


2010 May - 15

and More meet ups with friends..

2010 May - 16

DaoQi, CS Tan & HuiHui.

2010 May - 17

This time at Colonel Sander’s place.

Was not very pleased with Sitiawan’s KFC… Sitiawan has 3 KFCs… one of them has bad food quality, another one has bad service…

2010 May - 18

HuiHui playing around with the straws..

2010 May - 19


2010 May - 20

DaoQi and Robert discussing about photography.

2010 May - 21

Artz Tan.

2010 May - 22


2010 May - 23

2010 May - 24

My scalp problem is quite serious… Tried several types of shampoo before but none of them worked.. and the pharmacy physician introduced this to me..

2010 May - 25

2010 May - 26

Got the mouse for HuiHui as his birthday gift, while the cooler for myself.

2010 May - 27

GC for project 955.

2010 May - 28

Raining afternoon…

2010 May - 29

Celebrated HuiHui’s birthday. More photos at this post.

2010 May - 30

Cleaning my old Logitech G1 keyboard…

2010 May - 31

Back to Kampar one week earlier before the starting of school.

Many people are curious about why we have to back to our hostel a week earlier before the school starts…

Some of my friends only reach the hostel the day before the school starts…

2010 May - 32

I guess everyone as their own reason… such as homesick or whatever.. but I don’t think I have any problem living independently, in fact I love that kind of lifestyle.

2010 May - 33

Yeah.. Got my desk decorated… uhh… I nearly forgot about the Otacool3 submission…

Well My desk isn’t really fancy.. but There’s nothing wrong for taking part. ^^

2010 May - 34

Pin hole photography is awesome.

2010 May - 35


2010 May - 36

Orientation week at school.

2010 May - 37

Meet ups.

2010 May - 38

2010 May - 39

Clearing some unwanted stuffs…

2010 May - 40

Everything is more organized after cleaning up.

2010 May - 41

New students reporting in!!!

2010 May - 44

Went to a waterfall nearby.. more photos in this post.

2010 May - 45

Did all sorts of stuff during last holiday.. Though I wanted to get a part time job but eventually dropped the intention to do so…


By the way, my blog’s page view as the month of May… A new record!!!

My appreciation for all the readers out there, thank you for visiting my blog, not to forget those “ninja” readers too. ^^

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  1. Fabrice says:

    Hey my guitar is similar colour! XD
    hehe its great that your getting more readers =)
    keep it up!

    1. John says:

      thanks for all your support too ^^.

  2. virgoansniper says:

    goodluck in new sem

  3. chloeM says:

    my johnnie very famous ma… actually, the way you type your own blog is kinda interesting thou~

    1. John says:

      where got… and how do you mean “interesting”??

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