AniManGaki 2017: Cosplay Photos & Afterthoughts

AniManGaki 2017 Cosplay

AniManGaki 2017 has been amazing and here are my afterthoughts and photos of the cosplayers at the event.

The crowd control at AMG has always been one of the best. While there are still some attendees complain about the event hall being too small and too near to the stage, but that pretty much is the limitation of the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. Perhaps AMG will soon have a bigger event location?

Nonetheless, during the 2-days event, I manage to meet up with some of my photog friends and, of course, cosplayer friends too. Sorry if I didn’t recognise some of you. I’m bad at remembering faces especially when you’re in another costume. Do say hi to me during the next event. 😉

Even though the photos turned out to be better than what I expected, but still, I wish I could have stayed more focus throughout the event to capture more.

Once again, this year’s AniManGaki has been awesome. Appreciate the staff’s endeavour and thanks to all the cosplayers who posed for the photographers. Great effort on the costumes and make up. Thumbs up

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