Miku Expo 2017 Coming to Malaysia

Miku Expo 2017 Malaysia

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Miku Expo 2017 press conference which held at TGV Cinemas, One Utama yesterday. The press conference answers quite a number of questions that I had when they first revealed the news.

Crypton Future Media x Astro

Miku Expo 2017 Malaysia

MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems Sdn Bhd or better known as Astro is the company that works together with Crypton Future Media to bring the Miku Expo to the local scene. I am certainly delighted to know that local companies started to step into the ACG industry, but what raises my brows is the fact that Hatsune Miku’s live opening act will be carry out by Zizan Razak, one of Malaysia’s top actor and Chaleeda Gilbert, Thailand’s popular YouTube creator.

Miku Expo 2017 Malaysia

It is not that I don’t like them or anything. Guest celebrities at any live concerts is extremely common. What got me worrying is that whether they are genuinely know about Hatsune Miku and wishes to be part of it, or simply because their agency would prefer them to show face in the ACG community.

There is another arguement that they would introduce Hatsune Miku to the general public as they are generally high profile consider the fame they currently had. I won’t deny that because that is one of the ways to introduce Miku to their existing fan base. Nonetheless, I really hope this is a win-win deal for Astro and Crypton Future Media.

16 December 2017 at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil

The expo will be held at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil on 16th December 2017. Even though some pointed out that the stadium is capable of sitting 16,000 fans, but Kimitaka Nishio, CEO of Crypton Future Media, stresses that only 6,500 seats will be open for the concert goers in order to provide the best viewing angle and consistent experience for all. As someone who attended the Miku Party 2011 in Singapore, I couldn’t agree more on his statement.

In fact, I am still thinking what size of projection they would need to satisfy 6,500 pairs of eyes across the stadium. The MikuPa 2011 I went had somewhere around 600+ attendees, yet the life-sized Miku projection looks extremely far-fetched on the stage.

Side Activities

Apart from the concert, there are of course a couple of side activities:

  • Pre-event T-Shirt design competition where the winner’s design will be the official T-shirt of the concert (details coming soon)
  • Kinect & Crypton games experience
  • Mini-concert brought to you by Japanese DJs
  • Cosplay event
  • Exclusive sales of Hatsune Miku merchandise

Most of the aforementioned activities are still in planning stage, therefore, do stay tuned for more future updates.

Miku Expo 2017 Ticket Prices

Miku Expo 2017 Malaysia Ticket

Tickets price as follows:

  • VIP Rockzone: RM 439 (free standing)
  • Rockzone: RM 339 (free standing)
  • Cat 1: RM 269 (free seating)
  • Cat 2: RM 169 (free seating)

Ticketing will open on 10 am 8th October 2017 over at www.myticket.asia.

And here’s a message from Hatsune Mike herself.

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