Anime Festival Asia 2010 Date Set


The date and venue is set for AFA X.

13-14th November 2010 at Singapore Suntec Convention and Exhibition Hall 403 & 404.

Oh gawd… I want to go for this event. So far, I only recruited one of my friend to go along with me. Anyone going??

This could be my second time to travel oversea, and my very first time to step on the land of Singapore.

Need to ask my parents for more details on this matter…

Worst case – that time is somewhere around my mid term… means, mid term papers and assignments are rushing in… seriously please don’t happen…

If everything works out, lets have a meet up at there =)

4 thoughts on “Anime Festival Asia 2010 Date Set”

  1. verycurious says:

    hey, i am interested.. i’ll tag along if i confirm i’m free at that time ya

    1. John says:

      hey, Chris =) Glad you’re interested too.

      I’ll update more in near future about this trip.

      1. CK says:

        Hope we can make it this time man…

  2. Fabrice says:

    Ill try and come, so make it 2 ^^
    haha im going to try and ask my parents for early christmas/birthday present lol

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