The Force is Too Strong


Last week, I went back to my hometown because there was a carnival at the village.

The carnival is organized by a local Chinese newspaper company – NanYang Siang Pau (NanYang Business Daily).

Y’know, villagers are so excited because a local satellite TV station, ASTRO, is coming for the carnival too…


and guess what I spotted… Animax K-ON! banner on the stage…

Okay, some might think that I over-exaggerated..

Sorry, but the truth is that I lived in the village for almost 20years and this is my first time see any anime related stuff in this kind of event.

I guess there’s no much people know about this banner… (sad case…)

2 thoughts on “The Force is Too Strong”

  1. Fabrice says:

    Wow and for the first its K-ON! =D
    nice choice!

  2. DaoQi says:

    haha, you should explain to them

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