Anime Festival Asia 2011 Day 1

AFA11 Day 1 - 01

Behold, here comes the long awaited AFA2011 post.

I’ll cover only the first day event – MikuPa Concert.

AFA11 Day 1 - 02

It was my first flight.

I didn’t travel much when I was young due to my father’s business.

I got my own passport because of AFA2010, and I experienced taking off on an airplane because of AFA2011.

AFA11 Day 1 - 03

At Suntec Convention Centre, same as last year, CROWDS HELL.

Concert ticket redemption counter next to the concert hall entrance = bad idea.

Many folks queuing up only to find that they took the wrong line. Seriously, I have no idea why event as grand as AFA still lack of crowd control.

SOZO, Y U NO improve much??

AFA11 Day 1 - 04

That projector screen was pathetically small. It wasn’t as large as what I expected. Too small to entertain a hall worth of attendees.

Several bloggers actually praised how great the projection was, but sorry guys, you’re lucky to get the front seat, others don’t think so.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about (MikuPa).

AFA11 Day 1 - 05

Lucky folks who got the front row.

AFA11 Day 1 - 06

My wrinkly palm.

AFA11 Day 1 - 07

You see, I got myself a VIP ticket (back-end), and that’s my view of the concert from my position.

The bad:

  • The screen was small and pathetic (only those front row early birds get to enjoy Miku underskirt feast)
  • Bad sound system – deafening music and over-deep bass took over Vocaloid’s angelic voice
  • Bad fancy lighting – please, I want my Vocaloids to be more visible. (imagine using your projector under sun light)
  • Miku Y U NO take some rest between songs and properly introduce yourself or the band members.
  • EXTRA – certain mor*n standing on the chair, effectively blocking other’s view

The good:

  • Superb band – they know how to ROCK the hell out of a concert
  • Amazing crowd – I got to know some awesome comrades
  • Luka’s Luka Luka Night Fever = win

AFA11 Day 1 - 08

Back to hotel with my broken arms and legs. I swing and jump too much. LOL.

6 thoughts on “Anime Festival Asia 2011 Day 1”

  1. Raki says:

    No sore throat? Also, what did you shout “Encore” or “Miku” before the final act?

    1. CK Beh says:

      No encore for us T_T besides that Miku skipped a lot of classic songs like “World is Mine” & “The disappearance of Hatsune Miku”

      1. John says:

        I thought the encore was Uta ni Katachi wa nai keredo and Melt

        1. Raki says:

          hence why i asked, cuz the place i’m sitting. We started shouting “encore” and midway transition into “miku”

  2. Persocom says:

    Sounds like a good mix of fun and pain. Too bad the view wasn’t so great from back there. This is part of the reason I don’t go to concerts and stuff, the huge crowds, waiting time and then getting stuck behind hundreds of people. Though I think if it was for this it’d be worth it in the end. No world is mine? *sadface*

    1. Raki says:

      If you that view is bad, you haven’t seen the standing (none VIP) ticket. Its a free for all standing behind the VIP and camera/stage crew area. Many standing ticket patron started waiting in from 4pm while most others rely on the projectors

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