Anime Festival Asia 2011 Day 2

AFA11 Day 2 - 01

Day 2 of Anime Festival Asia, cosplay photos coming soon, this post will be all about my AFA11 day 2 encounters.

Last year I was stupid enough to miss loads of stage event, which I went for exhibition booths. This year, the first thing I did after arriving at the convention center was lining up for the stage event. There was apparently another group of Zerglings queuing for exclusive merchandises.

Since I don’t have extra cash for exclusive merchandises, the exhibition booths can wait.

AFA11 Day 2 - 02

Host – Yoshimi and Danny Choo.

Had Danny’s Culture Japan screening and his talk was inspiring. Hope he got scheduled for a longer session so he could share more with us. ><

The followed event was Fate/Zero showcase with producer Iwakami Atsuhiro and OP theme artist – LiSA.

LiSA is super cute tho.. She sang “Oath Sign” right in front of me. IT WAS MIND BLASTING.

AFA11 Day 2 - 03

Aniplex Booth with AnoHana and Madoka merchandises.

AFA11 Day 2 - 04

Vanguard players.

AFA11 Day 2 - 05

Nico Nico Douga booth.

Nico Nico Douga is a Japanese video streaming website, it works just like how Youtube works, but the unique point is, the comment can be shown along with the video. (look at the screen.)

Apparently, some anime are also being broadcast on Nico Nico Douga, such as Fate/Zero.

AFA11 Day 2 - 06

Digital signed *secret* cards.

AFA11 Day 2 - 07

Mikimoto Haruhiko autograph session.

He’s a renowned character designer / illustrator. The character design in Super Dimension Fortress Macross is done by him.

AFA11 Day 2 - 08

We have sword dealer too.

AFA11 Day 2 - 09

I got myself a shinai (bamboo sword).

AFA11 Day 2 - 10

Anime pilgrimage, lets go!

AFA11 Day 2 - 11

World is Mine figure by Good Smile Company, seeing it first time, first handed and it is super-duper-lovely.

AFA11 Day 2 - 12


AFA11 Day 2 - 13


AFA11 Day 2 - 14

They need Red Saber from Fate/Extra.

AFA11 Day 2 - 15

Meido Seibaaa.

AFA11 Day 2 - 16

I’m a big fan of Black Saber, sadly I couldn’t found this combo back when it was released.

AFA11 Day 2 - 17

Miku Itasha asking you to join

AFA11 Day 2 - 18

Gordon’s Dolfie Dream booth.

AFA11 Day 2 - 19

Lovely daughters, couldn’t get better closeup shots they are being heavily moe guarded.

AFA11 Day 2 - 20

I missed the Moe Moe Kyun cafe…

AFA11 Day 2 - 21

AFA11 Day 2 - 22

Good Smile Company’s Tohsaka Rin.

AFA11 Day 2 - 23

AFA11 Day 2 - 24

Upcoming Saber figure.

AFA11 Day 2 - 25

1/10 scale?

AFA11 Day 2 - 26

MG full armor Gundam Unicorn. @@

AFA11 Day 2 - 27

Danny’s booth.

I’m a little bit short of time this year, arriving Singapore on Friday afternoon and leaving on early Sunday morning. Too rush until the point that I have no time to fully enjoy the festival nor meeting up with overseas comrades.

I missed Singapore CGM night 2010, as well as Singapore Culture Japan night 2011. I really wish to join the community, not a bystander..

You mind be my friend?

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