Audio-Technica ATH-M50

ATH-M50 - 01


I still remember, the very first time when I purchased a pair of expensive headphones. I was 15 and for me a RM100 headphones are considered high end stuff. It was a rather ordinary headphone by Philips – SHP2700, but then I think I cried when I listened to it for the first time. The music sounds more lively and clear with the headphones compared with my other cheapo IEMs.

Poor man’s joy

That Philips is still working fine till today, and I gave it to my sister because she wanted to watch movies at night in her dorm. I was reluctant but it has to give way to another pair.

And… I got myself the Audio Technica ATH-M50. It was a HUGE upgrade and my wallet hurts. Damage dealt – RM550-RM600

Tech Specs

Tech specs grabbed from Audio-Techica site

Type Closed-back Dynamic
Driver 45mm
Output Sound 99d/B/mW
Freq Response 15-28,000Hz
Max Input Power 1600mW
Impedance 38
Weight 284g
Plug 3.5mm gold-plated stereo plug
Cord 1.2M(coiled)Max 3.0M


ATH-M50 - 02

The packaging is rather simple with transparent front and side for product showcase.

Notice the model number is ATH-M50s, indicates that the headphones comes with straight cable instead of coiled cable.

No idea why the coiled cable version is more expensive than straight cable version, anyhow that 3 meter straight cable is perfect for routing the cable from my desk to the PC tower.

ATH-M50 - 03

More information in different languages at the back.

Looks and Feel

ATH-M50 - 04

Package include – headphones, pouch and 1/4″ stereo plug adapter.

The pouch might seem a bit small, but you can fit the headphones in it if you fold the cans.

Folding pic and adapter pic is available at the later part of the gallery.

ATH-M50 - 05

The cans are articulated so that it can perform aerobatic stunts.

Although the body is mainly made of plastic, but they’re thick and feels high quality.

ATH-M50 - 06

Leather earpads. They’re soft and comfortable for prolonged audition sessions but if you sweats a lot, you might not feel comfortable with it.

ATH-M50 - 07

Engraved markings on the extension.

ATH-M50 - 08

Folding aerobatic stunt.

ATH-M50 - 09

Standard 3.5mm audio jack and 1/4″ stereo plug adapter.

There’s spring at the end of the jack to reduce the stress on the hanging cable when the jack is plugged in.

ATH-M50 - 10

I’m not a audiophile.. so I have no idea how to describe the sound quality. One thing I’m sure that after had the cans burn-in for about 200 hours, the bass sounds much crispier than open box. There aren’t much soundstage as this is a closed can phones, but noise isolation is superb.

In short, this is one high quality headphones, with a good quality collection of music and proper DAC, the outcome would be awesome.

4 thoughts on “Audio-Technica ATH-M50”

  1. T-REn says:

    may i know where you bought and how you bought it(COD or online)? TQ
    Im going to use this for my EDM music production.

    1. John says:

      You’re Malaysian?

      you can try contact Jaben –

      they have a shop at Subang SS15, and I think they do postage as well.

  2. T-REn says:

    Yes im malaysian.(

    the price seems to be very expensive RM699?

    Is warranty included?

    1. John says:

      that is their online shop price, if you contact them and deal with them personally the price is lower.

      I strongly suggest you to visit their physical shop at Subang SS15.

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