Desk Diary 20121124 – Comment Rant


It’s been almost a year since my last desk diary entry. By the way, I’ve been writing less and less than before. Not sure whether if I’m bored with it or there’s nothing to write about.

Today, while I was checking the list of comments, I had an urge to rant after reading some idiotic spoonfeed request comments that I received.┬áIn case you don’t know, I write simple reviews for tech gadgets I owns. Such as PC hardware, keyboards, mouse, and others. I do hope that distros would send me review units but so far 99% of my reviews are all sponsored by my wallet.

Hate to admit this but turned out that the most popular review article on my site is no other than our Jib-kor 1Malaysia Netbook review. It was so popular that it become the most read article on my blog ever since I post it up. Malaysians, you guys do live up to the “grab-da-free-stuff” spirit, good job.

I appreciate those people who responded with the information of other models of 1Malaysia netbook, but throughout the comment list, most of the comments are all about asking me where and how to get the netbook, or how to repair this and that, or the most popular – where to claim warranty.

Seriously dude, I’m a product reviewer, not a computer technician, nor 1Malaysia netbook agent. I’m glad to help them to solve their PC issues, but questions asking for where to get the netbook and where to claim warranty keep flooding in, even emails!

For Christ’s sake, if you’re interested to get one of the so called super high performance no-one-can-beat-Jib-kor-approved netbook, go ask from your local government entities or those schools that involved in the project.

Warranty?! You know where and how to apply for the super netbook but you don’t know where to claim the warranty? Oh god… If you really have no idea where to claim, first sit down and think, do I know who are you? Do I know where do you live? Do I know where did you get your over-9000-netbook from?

Why would you ask a complete stranger where to claim your warranty? Please, contact the authorities that is responsible for distributing the netbook. You can tweet or FB Jib-kor also.

Malaysian tech reader – Malaysia Boleh.

End of the rant

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