Bandai 1/100 Avalanche Exia

Finally, painted sample of this kit.

will available very soon…

Those who bought 1/100 Exia probably are hitting their head on the wall…

Picture of 1/100 Exia



Nikkei Business Online has been posting a series of discussions with Bandai Hobby Division’s Deputy General Manager & Bandai Hobby Center chief Katsuhiko Sasaki.

– Development of a plamodel (plastic model) takes 120-150 days from design to shipping out. They plan on optimizing this to 100 days.

– The plamodel market exceeds 50 billion yen in value.

– Said market is such that even 10-year-old products can be manufactured and sold with repeated demand. The ratio of sales for new products vs. old products is roughly 50-50.

– The people who buy Gunpla can be largely divided into two groups: 10s to 20s-year-olds who purchase them because of their interest in the latest Gundam Series and 30s to 40s-year-olds who’ve been fans since the First Gundam Series in 1979. Gunpla has been particularly sustained by the latter.

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