School Reopens

back to the school and… everyone knows that we’re getting back our exam papers… ehemm..

so how was your results? most of my results just like poo…

talk about poo results… it reminds me of my Pend. Moral paper.. and a conversation between me and Ju Shuen…

We’ve being a group of good boy and good girl for taking this much of subjects forced offered by Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia for SPM. A total of 11subjects.

Well, if you take a good look through the subjects, You’ll find that some subjects are pointless… Lets take Pend. Moral as an example, what’s the aim of this paper? Could someone ever tell me? are the teachers gonna tell me the answer? Yunani?

ehem, This paper focuses on the 36 moral values and most importantly the answering technique… alright, I dont have much complaints about the moral values but the strict answering technique is hell so annoying!!

Why the heck must we answer the questions using those techniques? following blindly, the answers are not accepted if the technique used is wrong… is this because the Moral is too easy to score? Everyone knows what things held to be right or wrong or desirable or undesirable. of course its easy to answer… THIS IS NO LONGER A MORAL EXAM, IT JUST TEST OUR BLINDLY-FOLLOWED ANSWERING TECHNIQUE…

but still whats the purpose of this? According to some analysis, this is to train that the students to follow the instructions obediently properly and carry out the solution. those who understands the last sentence will know what KPM is thinking of…

Well, this is not something like hating something I can’t achieve, I respects those I can’t archive. This is RIDICULOUS!!!

To be reality, it is useless for our future… what am I going to archive in my life after my mastered the moral answering technique? are teachers going to answer this question? Yunani, u know mah?

Forget about the FAKE SEJARAH… shame on KPM…

ah…. Lets move on to another topic…

Akihabara Stabbings

Read about this news in various sites…

“I was tired of life. I came to Akihabara to kill. Anyone would have been fine.” – the words of the person who killed 7 people in Akihabara, Sunday.

For your information, Akihabara is a major shopping area for electronic, computer, anime, and otaku goods. yeah, it is “Anime Heaven”, holy ground for Otakus.

Its all over news in Japan and even across the world. The killer, Tomohiro Kato aged 25. He rented a 2 ton truck and drove to Akihabara from Shizuoka which is situated 180km away. Police still undergoing investigations on why did he drove 180km to Akihabara just to kill.

He drove into the main crossing at Akihabara which is closed for pedestrians on a Sunday and hit 3 people. Kato stopped his truck and headed back to where the victims lay while stabbing 3 people on his way.

Kato then ran into the crowds and stated to stab more people. A total of 7 people died and about a dozen injured – most of these people were stabbed from behind and it looks like one was stabbed in the neck.

Witnesses said that Kato had a frenzy look on his face and that he looked like he was enjoying his killing spree.

An officer chased Kato down an alley and tried to apprehend Kato with a baton. Kato only dropped his weapon, described as a 13-inch survival knife, when the officer drew his pistol and threatened to shoot him where upon Kato collapsed to the ground and gave himself in.

Killed in the incident was a woman aged 21, two men aged 19, 31, 47 and 74. The media have been digging into Kato’s past to discover that he done well in school and was a sportsman. Apparently his father was a drunk who was violent to his mother.

What witnesses said:

“He was screaming as he stabbed people at random,” a woman told NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster.

A clerk at a used computer store yards from the scene added: “People came rushing into the shop, yelling at us to call an ambulance. I went outside to see what was happening. There were people running in all directions and then I saw the attacker. He wasn’t running, just walking in a really strange way.”

Another witness, Shunichi Jingu, 26, told Kyodo news agency: “At first it looked like there had been a traffic accident. Then a man got out of a vehicle and began to brandish a knife.” The victims were easy targets. The area’s stores draw thousands of shoppers and tourists on Sundays, when the main street is closed to traffic.

Felt saddened for those innocent people who were out and about shopping and minding their own business but being killed by a man who said “Anyone would have been fine.” [???????]

This kind of news is rare in Japan – the land where the crime rate is so low that a man sticking ice-cream in a post box made prime time news.

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