Bandai April Release MG Wing Gundam & HGAW X Gundam

MG Wing - 01

Bandai’s April release of MG Wing Gundam and HGAW Gundam X.

MG Wing - 02

28th April release, 4000yen.

I was pretty looking forward that Bandai could release more MG from previous Gundam series, especially the Gundam W and Gundam X.

Hope that Bandai would release other MG Gundam from Gundam W in near future, preferably the movie version.

HGAW Gundam X - 01

15th April release, 1800yen.

HGAW Gundam X - 02

Finally an official HG version of Gundam X.

Gundam Double X in future? or MG Gundam X?

Other April releases –

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