K-ON!! - 01

Another anime I’m watching for 2010 Spring season is “K-ON!!”, the second season of “K-ON!”. (Note* There’s an extra exclamation mark means for second season. XD)

K-ON!! - 02

The first season has caught my heart and I don’t think it as simple as a Moe-blob anime. I love how easy going and relaxing the story are…

K-ON!! - 03

K-ON!! - 04

The season starts off with our leads as third year student, or senior. This means keionbu is now entering the third year since it was established.

K-ON!! - 05

K-ON!! - 06

K-ON!! - 07

K-ON!! - 08

As always, love the random scenery of Kyoto Animation..

K-ON!! - 09

K-ON!! - 10

Recruiting for new members!!

K-ON!! - 11

From the first episode, most of the aspects are very much the same as previous season, the story, the animation, the BGM. But of course new OP and ED for new season, and I’ll cover the OP and ED in a different post.

So, how do you think of K-ON series? K-ON!! in your watchlist?

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