Bang! Bang! Bang!

Danny posted an Osaka Bang video a while ago which shows how folks in Osaka react to being shot by an invisible gun and cut down by an invisible sword.

He wrote up a post introducing this phenomena at BoingBoing and soon after Tim at Trophy Wife saw his post and went and made an American version!

Below is the original Osaka Bang video clip with english subs.

Well, from above video clips, the Osaka people reacts a lot more better in my opinion. While we could see that americans seems to ignoring guns but jump at martial arts… Their reactions are just quite disappointing and they doesn’t seems want to bother him. Don’t forget that he’s doing this in a theme/amusement park, whereas the Japanese are doing this on the street…

The folks in Osaka are said to be more friendly and open than folks in Tokyo. Don’t ever mention about doing this in M@l@ysi@…

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