AIR Original Soundtrack

AIR Original Soundtrack

Various [Lia, Togoshi Magome, Orito Shinji, Maeda Jun]

CD1 Track List:

  1. “Kaisōroku” (回想録) “Reminiscence”
  2. “Nomichi” (野道) “Path in a Field”
  3. “Tori no Uta” (鳥の詩) “Bird’s Poem”
  4. “Natsukage” (夏影) “Summer Lights”
  5. “Hanemizu” (跳ね水) “Splashing Water”
  6. “Mizutamari” (水たまり) “Puddle”
  7. “Yumegatari” (夢語り) “Speaking of Dreams”
  8. “Niji” (虹) “Rainbows”
  9. “Tentōmushi” (てんとう虫) “Ladybug”
  10. “Denshō” (伝承) “Legend”
  11. “Kawa” (川) “River”
  12. “Esoragoto” (絵空事) “Fabrication”
  13. “Sōsei” (双星) “Twin Stars”
  14. “Kotowari” (理) “Reason”
  15. “Enishi” (縁) “Fate”
  16. “Semigoromo” (蝉衣) “Thin Clothes”
  17. “Kannagi” (神薙) “Dissidents”
  18. “Tsukiwarawa” (月童) “Moon Child”
  19. “Gin’iro” (銀色) “Silver” (orgel version)
  20. “Futari” (ふたり) “Two People”
  21. “Koko” (此処) “This Place”
  22. “Gin’iro” (銀色) “Silver”
  23. “Aozora” (青空) “Blue Skies”
  24. “Hane” (羽根) “Wing”
  25. “Yasō” (夜想) “Nocturne”
  26. “Farewell song”

CD2 Track List:

  1. “Tori no Uta” (鳥の詩)
  2. “Farewell song” (short version)
  3. “Farewell song” (dream version)
  4. “Mishiyō Kyoku 1” (未使用曲1) “Unused Track” 1
  5. “Mishiyō Kyoku 2” (未使用曲2) “Unused Track” 2
  6. “Mishiyō Kyoku 3” (未使用曲3) “Unused Track” 3
  7. “Mishiyō Kyoku 4” (未使用曲4) “Unused Track” 4
  8. “Mishiyō Kyoku 5” (未使用曲5) “Unused Track” 5
  9. “Mishiyō Kyoku 6” (未使用曲6) “Unused Track” 6
  10. “Tori no Uta” (鳥の詩) “Bird’s Poem” (off vocal)
  11. “Farewell song” (off vocal)

AIR anime is one of my favourite anime, because the story is wonderful, brilliant animation and last not least, the soundtracks are superb. Believe me, I’m saying the truth.

Well, of course that not ALL the soundtracks above are great. There are some filler songs which just sounds normal… However those key soundtracks are beyond anything I could describe. such as Tori no Uta, Natsukage, Yumegatari and etc…


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