Case-Mate Tough Case for HTC Incredible S

CM Tough Case HTC IS - 08

Previously, we discussed about PDair’s leather flip case for HTC Incredible S, which I ditched it after using it for one month (click here to know why).

After that rather annoying experience, I decided to get a better case to protect my HiTagi-Chan. By the way, HiTagi-Chan is my phone’s nickname, I have Hitagi-PC for desktop, Hitagi-mini for netbook & Lumi-chan for camera.

CM Tough Case HTC IS - 01


CM Tough Case HTC IS - 02

At the back.

CM Tough Case HTC IS - 03

Other than the case itself, there’s no other thing included.

CM Tough Case HTC IS - 05

The case is consists of 2 layers. The inner silicone layer (right) and the outer ABS hard shell plastic layer (left).

This is to provide maximum protect to the body of the phone.

CM Tough Case HTC IS - 04

The hard shell has rugged look. It feels nice to hold in the hands.

CM Tough Case HTC IS - 06

Lock and loaded.

Take note that the case has lifted borders, which means if you put your phone faced down, your screen won’t get scratched easily.

CM Tough Case HTC IS - 07

I like how it looks at the back.


  • Dual layer Protection (inner silicone + outer ABS hard shell plastic)
  • Lifted borders to prevent scratching screen when phone faced down (same applies to the camera)
  • Access to ports, camera, flash and speaker
  • Holds your phone tightly
  • Nice to hold
  • Superb Quality


  • Screen is not protected
  • Silicone attracts dirt easily
  • Dirt may accumulate in the case…
  • Hard to remove


Compared with PDair’s leather flip case, both has their own pros and cons. PDair is more towards luxury/business class whereas Case-Mate is more casual.

I choose to stay with Case-Mate because it is a nice case which protects my gadget and that’s what PDair doesn’t do well.

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  1. caleb choo says:

    beside case mate..i prefer Incipio or otterbox cases..which protects all side of my phone and best part it absorb the impact when the phone drops..bought cheap at this website

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