PDair Leather Flip Case for HTC Incredible S

PDair HTC IS Flip - 01

Got a case for my HTC Incredible S.

Was having some hard time looking for a quality case, because there were quite limited choices available the time when I bought my phone.

Nevertheless, I found a seller who do bulk order from PDair and I got a leather flip case from him.

After using it for quite some time I got annoyed with its problems, and I changed it. I’ll explain why at the end of this post.

PDair HTC IS Flip - 02

The packaging is rather simple and straight forward.

Included the leather case itself and the belt clip.

PDair HTC IS Flip - 04

Front view.

It uses a magnet button as locking mechanism on the front of the case. The finishing on the leather is marvelous.

PDair HTC IS Flip - 05

Rear view.

Notice that there’s no dedicated camera hole, thus it provides full protection for the phone, including the camera while the case is locked.

Otherwise, there’s just a belt clip mount and openings for speaker & antennas.

PDair HTC IS Flip - 06

There’s a name card holder at the front piece. The cut off part in the middle is to provide connection to the headphone jack.

The phone is held by 3 pieces of leather wrapped metal holder.

PDair HTC IS Flip - 07

Having the phone inside.


  • Secured magnet button lock
  • High quality leather finish
  • Full front and back protection (flip closed)
  • Name card holder

This is case looks classy and I likes the smooth leather finish on it.

It provides maximum protection to the screen and camera which are the most fragile part out of all. Not to mention about the magnet button lock which is really tight if compared with other flip cases that uses regular snap-on locking mechanism.

Name card holder is a plus, but PDair made a little bit too tight, you need take extra care to slot in name cards.


  • Not 100% protected (flipped open) (left/right side no protection)
  • Magnet button lock (male) would accidentally hit on the screen (flipped open)
  • Troublesome to use the camera
  • Bad phone holder design – blocks keyboard’s character ‘P’
  • Bad phone holder design – not holding the phone in-place properly
  • Takes time to flip open/close the case
  • Why flip up?
  • Useless belt clip (why plastic? why it can’t fit my belt?)
  • Bulky

Indeed, I’m pretty satisfied with what I get from the case. However, looking at that impressive list of cons, I have loads of complains isn’t it. But the truth is when I throw out cash to get a case, of course I expect it to provide protection for my gadgets.

But due to it’s design, you can see from the photo, the phone’s left/right side is wide open, without any protection layer, which sucks…

Basically all the problems you have to blame on PDair’s designer.

Conclusion – BAD DESIGN.

2 thoughts on “PDair Leather Flip Case for HTC Incredible S”

  1. Sunny says:

    Thank you for the review. I was actually thinking of getting this case this morning weighing the pros and cons versus a gel case. The big plus was that it would protect the screen which would be the most delicate part. But having read your review about it covering up the P letter and potentially banging the screen with the closure, I’m having serious 2nd thoughts. Do you have a recommendation? I’ve seen your case-mate review but would still prefer something that covers the screen.
    Thank you.

    1. John says:

      Otterbox Defender has a piece of clear plastic covering the screen of the device, but it costs an arm and a leg. It’s like beef-up-ed Case-Mate Tough.

      Otherwise, you could always try to look around for other brands or third party leather flip cases which is quite common nowadays.

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