Chinese New Year 2011

Chinese New Year-00

Hello guys, I’m back.

University life = Hell, and so my blog went into hibernation mode and I hardly come up with any topics to talk about.

I have several assessments, reports and tests coming in next few weeks. I might be stressing myself too much. I thought of getting back into my normal working pace.

Anyway, here’s the super late Chinese New Year post. I still owe you guys the January 2011 Monthly Journal. (photo editing in progress…)

Chinese New Year-01

What’s Chinese New Year is about?

For me, it’s not just as simple as just a festival that celebrates the coming of new year.

Chinese New Year-04

I was glad that I was born in this family.

We spend every year’s Chinese New Year together and when I was a kid, I thought everyone in the world celebrated CNY that way.

Perhaps I’m the one whose lucky enough to have a family with such strong bond.

Chinese New Year-07

Of course, I appreciate the time we could spend together as a family, and so should you too.

Chinese New Year-09

I wanted to share more, however I have an assessment due on Monday. I guess I shall leave you with the photos.

Chinese New Year-10

Chinese New Year-11

Chinese New Year-12

Chinese New Year-14

Chinese New Year-16

Chinese New Year-18

Chinese New Year-19

Chinese New Year-20

Chinese New Year-22

Chinese New Year-24

Chinese New Year-26

3 thoughts on “Chinese New Year 2011”

  1. MikeD says:

    Good to see something from you John.
    Lots of great pictures. Looks like a wonderful family.
    Funny to see the kids with their swag (red envelopes).
    And all that yummy looking food, you made me
    hungry, so I guess I’ll have to venture out and find
    something to eat.
    And don’t think I haven’t noticed you an FB. ;o)

  2. lyng says:

    wah…. byk makanan leh… haha

  3. IvyFoong says:

    Nice… … Warm Family. ^^

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