Some Updates


Had some free time after having two midterms yesterday, but still I’ll be having a discussion for a campaign that will be organized by my team.

University student huh…

This post is gonna be short and brief about what I’ve been up to..

First, is regarding my blog. Yeah, the blog is so quiet that seems like I forgot my password and couldn’t write up new posts.

But no worry = ), I could feel my blogging sense is coming back to me.

Second, about my anime review posts. Initially I was planning to stop writing them because of my hellish university life. But soon decide to put my anime review posts into “slow mode”.

Yes, you hear it right. I’ll still be posting them, just limited to those series that I find worth.

However, this doesn’t mean that I’ll stop watching anime as it still stands an important place in my life. Without anime is definitely a no-no for me.

Third, about my otaku collection. My current financial situation is pretty terrible. I have to survive through the month, buy text books, and misc spendings… I don’t think I could able to afford to spend much on my figure or gundam collection…

Sad case, and I have to endure through all those tempting figure/gundam release previews… oh gawd….

2 thoughts on “Some Updates”

  1. Kyle says:

    Do not worry, I totally feel your situation. My spending has been curved a great deal ever since I started back in school. I might be switching shifts at work, and that might be cutting my hours back a little more. Spending is tight for me as well.

    I am happy to see you will be blogging again soon. I missed you xD

    1. John says:

      Hahaha. good to know that you guys still around =)

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