Chuunibyou Episode 02 – Flashy Battle Scene

Chuunibyou - 02-01

Nibutani Shinka is super gorgeous. Please shoot me too!!

In the first impression post, I mentioned that this series has an awkward story. To be frank, maybe it’s poking right at my own chuunibyou, and I’m such a loser for not admitting it.

After watching the second episode, I don’t know what enlightened me, probably Shinka-chan. Whatever it is, I came to realize one thing – Who cares about all that embarrassing shit? I’m gonna enjoy this show.

Chuunibyou - 02-02

doki doki

Chuunibyou - 02-03

Chuunibyou - 02-04

Yuuta’s reaction never cease to amuse me.

Chuunibyou - 02-05

Chuunibyou - 02-06

I sense a new character – Tsuyuri Kumin.

Chuunibyou - 02-07

As expected from Tyrant’s Eye of Truth, she owns a pretty exotic room I must say.

Chuunibyou - 02-08

Takanashi Tooka – elder sister of the almighty Tyrant’s Eye of Truth.

Chuunibyou - 02-09

I thought she would be pretty normal, but hell not.

Chuunibyou - 02-10

The later part of the episode we have a pretty awesome battle scene between the sisters.

Chuunibyou - 02-11

Seriously KyoAni, I think it’s about time for you guys to work on a battle type anime project.

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