First Impression: Btooom!

Btooom! - 01-01

Btooom!, you pronounce it as “bu two-m”

I wonder what or who gave author the idea in the naming of this series. It’s like:

“Hey, since the story will be about bombs. why don’t we name it according to the sound of the explosion”

“But Booom! is too simple, why don’t we add T and make it BTOOOM!”

Btooom! - 01-02

Story is about a NEET, Sakamoto Ryouta, who’s addicted to an online game – “Btooom!”. One day he finds himself stranded on an island, equipped only with some daily provision and a bag full of bombs. He can’t figure what is actually happening until a stranger starts to attack him with bombs. He’s now playing the live game of “Btooom!”

Btooom! - 01-03


Studio – Madhouse

Director – Watanabe Kotono
Script – Kuroda Yosuke (Gungrave, Hayate no Gotoku, Hellsing Ultimate, HOTD, Gundam 00, Trigun)
Sound Director – Ebina Yasunori (Fruit Basket, Katanagatari, Minami-ke, Naruto, School days, Toaru Majutsu no Index)


At this point, I’ve already watched the second episode. It cleared my doubts in dropping this series because the heroine is actually pretty cute.

Nah.. I’m picking up this series hoping it would have thrilling story with life threatening alike plot. Unlike SAO is VR game, Btoom! is real life parody of the online game. It sounds like Bomberman, anyone? If you’re lost, Btooom! is a fiction FPS-alike game where a few players in a team, uses only bombs to blast the hell out of their opponent team. I doubt this game would be a success in our world because Battlefield3 is way more fun with different classes, weapons and vehicles. Seriously, when I saw the first quarter of episode one, what came to my mind is Bomberman + Worms.or 3D Human Gunbound.

Move on to the story, our protagonist is a typical NEET who is super awesome in his virtual BTOOOOOOOM! life. Probably that’s the reason why he has no idea what is going on when he accidentally activated his bomb’s timer. Not to mention he wasted 2 bombs because he didn’t activate them before throwing. Protagonist aside, the man who attacks him also seem to be another intended douche. Despite has better understanding on how the bomb works and rules,  yet he miss BIG time. He couldn’t kill a person who’s confused with the situation.

Btooom! - 01-04

This is supposed to be a serious anime wha… Of course I expect some boobs action like HOTD. Anyhow, I’m looking forward for the next episode of the series as I’m really interested with the premise of the story.

Btooom! - 01-05

How to replenish ammo?

Btooom! - 01-06

Btooom! You watching?

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