Does it worth that much?

Does it worth that much

*The picture above has no direct relation with what I’m talking today.

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day, yeah, I’ve been lazy and decide not to post anything on that day.

Anyway, that day, I had a dinner with my family along with my grandparents. While waiting for the dishes, I talked with my grandpa and our conversation turned to his specs… He told me that his specs costs MYR3000+, the lens alone costs around MYR2000.

I was shocked with that kind of price. Soon he told me that the specs was made by my uncle’s friend, who’s a spectacles specialist. That guy only do high quality stuff which each deal costs MYR1000+ minimum.

Grandpa said he also shocked with that kind of pricing… (That was a discounted price!!). He was only been told that the lens are special made and the frame are made of high quality alloy. (Extremely light)

Even so he still had no idea why a pair of specs would cost that much, until one day while he was shopping at a shopping mall… He saw a specs shop having a promotion, he went to the shop and asked them do make a pair of specs for him. Exactly the same as what he’s wearing.

The shop owner examined his eyes and his specs, suddenly he rejected my grandpa’s deal. He explained to my grandpa that his shop never do this kind of “extreme” lens because it has all sorts of features and made of high quality stuff… same goes for the frame.

After all those explanations full of unknown terms, my grandpa finally understood why and appreciates how convenient the specs are…

Sorry that my grandpa said he forgot all those terminologies told by the shop owner, what all angle focus and blablabla…

You see, this happens a lot around us. Lets have an example, the most common argument – handphones. Parents are always questioning why their teenage child wants a MYR2000+ Apple iPhone 3GS… It’s just a phone…

Well… usually we determine an item’s quality through their price.. Why a Mercedes cost so much more than a Proton? despite both of them are cars… Do I need to explain more?

When it comes to buying, it’s all about “NEEDS” and “WANTS”.

If you need it with a purpose, then the money is well spent.
If you want it desperately, earn the money desperately first, but the purchase might not be satisfactory.
If you have the money to burn, uh… (you lucky bastard..)

2 thoughts on “Does it worth that much?”

  1. verycurious says:

    love your last 3 lines! so true.. uH!

    1. John says:

      those lines came to my mind just in time ^^

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