Angel Beats! Episode 06 Family Affair

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 01

Last week’s cliff hanger episode which ends with Naoi taking SSS members into Student Council’s custody had brought up lots of expectations from me. Whether Kanade would join SSS or not… Who is Naoi? How would they deal with Naoi…. and bla bla bla…

Spoilers Alert. Don’t continue reading if you don’t want me to spoil the fun of watching the series yourself.

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 02

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 03

Soon after they’re released, they have to figure out how to deal with the new student council, especially Naoi.

All these time Kanade acts on her own when SSS is committing something “illegal” or not right.

However Naoi is different. He brought along an group of ordinary students/NPCs to take them into custody, for the reason of suspecting them for carrying out activities out of curfew.

From their conversation, the NPCs normally wouldn’t do anything to them as they are role models… So they suspecting that Naoi is a human too.

So they decide to do an experiment – do whatever they like during class.

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 04

Eating in class.

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 05

Playing mahjong in class.

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 06

lol at their teacher.

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 07

and this idiot going to toilet all the time… swt

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 08

Shiina is now master of balancing anything on her fingers.

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 09

He wants more pecs huh…

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 10

Nice place to sleep, Noda.

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 11

Naoi came.

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 12

Completing their experiment, proving Naoi is a human, they excaped…

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 13

You won’t see anything out of this screenshot… It is Naoi beating other students…

Soon we found out he’s doing so in order to prevent from disappearing from that world.

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 14

Otonashi trying to get closer with Kanade.

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 15

Good work Otonashi for treating her Mapo Toufu.

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 16

My Cuteness counter broke again…

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 17

Naturally, Naoi came because they’re eating during break time in between classes. (It’s not lunch time.)

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 18

And they end up in detention room, which more like a prison to withhold a mutant.

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 19

AWWWW she wants to sleep..

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 20

Otonashi received an emergency call from Yuri, that they’re fighting with Naoi.

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 21

The reason that Kanade being a passive girl is probably that those people who get near with her eventually disappear from that world…

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 22

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 23

Otonashi asks Kanade to help them. That’s Hand Sonic V4. Lily Hand Sonic?

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 24

They got out of the detention room, and….. Bloody crap… SSS members are being overwhelmed by Student council…

Since SSS would never hurt any NPCs… but why… I still don’t understand this, they won’t disappear if they hurt any NPCs, and I suppose the NPCs are immortal too. Anyone know?

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 25

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 26

Then we know that Naoi is controlling other NPCs via Hypnotism. And he’s trying to hypnotize Yuri by altering her memories so that she accepts her life.

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 27

Otonashi punches him.

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 28

Gave him a lecture… You better watch the episode, it is more emotional that the crap I’ve written here.

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 29

Naoi telling his past…

in short, Naoi had a twin brother, but his elder brother died in an accident, falling from a tree I suppose. So he had to replace his brother who is skillful in pottery. He wanted to be accepted by his father (or someone else) that he’s the one who accomplished something, not his brother.

I never expect this part to be included in this episode…

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 30


Angel Beats! Episode06 - 31

He accepted his fate?

Angel Beats! Episode06 - 32

Okay… now even their new enemy, Naoi, has being “neutralized” by them… What’s next? What are they really fighting with?

What a disaster… No, I’m not talking about the story. The story itself is certainly great but all the problem comes from the pacing of the story. You see, at first Naoi is still their new enemy, but at the end of  the 24minutes episode, Otonashi is embracing him…

Release > Experiment > Mapo Toufu > Prison > Field > Flashback > Field

You get conflict, understand and solution all in one episode… Why so rush?

Oh God please, stop ruining this story. The plot itself is really solid and I would be glad that if Maeda spend more time to work on the script and make it a 24 or 26 episode anime…

I’ll buy the 24 or 26 episode Bluray boxset even if the price reaches 60000yen.

2 thoughts on “Angel Beats! Episode 06 Family Affair”

  1. raki says:

    i agree with u that PAworks is rushing the series. but i guess the japanese animators want to play safe. Angel Beats by itself is consider an unproven series. If u notice many of today’s latest series only get a 13ep treatment and only a few series get above that.But those series should already have an established background to fund the animation series.

    I personally think Maeda is just trying to cram as much content as he can into the series.

    What the heck. I still waiting for the day that Little Buster or Kud Wafter and maybe possibly Rewrite will be animated as well

    1. John says:

      Yeap, he mentioned during an interview that he wanted to do all those scenes in an anime. (battle, drama, concert..)

      but in a 13epi series swt…

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