First Impression: Bakuman.

Bakuman - 01

Autumn season anime has started about two weeks ago, I guess I have do some first impression posts on the titles that I’m going to watch for the season.

Better late than never, let start with – “Bakuman.”

The story is about the protagonist duo – talented artist, Mashiro Moritaka and aspiring writer, Takagi Akito who wish to become mangaka (Manga artist).

Bakuman - 02

The episode started with a fake OP of Super Hero Legends! I was like WTHBBQ? But that was an awesome way to start it.

Bakuman - 03

Mashiro Moritaka – He once dreamed to become mangaka, just like his uncle. But due to unknown reasons, he dropped the dream, and content to live a typical Japanese life, attending a university and become a salaryman.

Bakuman - 04

A depressed protagonist huh… meh… I wish to have his drawing skill.

Bakuman - 05

Azuki Miho. He had a crush on her.

Bakuman - 07

Another protagonist, Takagi Akito – Moritaka’s classmate.

Bakuman - 08

He discovered Moritaka’s talent as an artist, and he proposes that they work together to publish a manga.

Bakuman - 09

“Manga is the national pride of Japan!”

Bakuman - 10

But Moritaka denied his offer, because his uncle died (committing suicide??), because his job as a mangaka didn’t went well.

Bakuman - 11

Indeed, if your story is not well received.. Well, it just failed..

Bakuman - 12

Bakuman - 13

Bakuman - 14

Bakuman - 15

Bakuman - 16

The great part of this anime is the uniqueness of its plot. As this is a story about the teenagers working hard to become mangaka, thus it will certainly disclose how the anime/manga industry works.

As for the first episode, I really like the concept and how the story flows. 25 episodes for this show? Oh yes.

One thought on “First Impression: Bakuman.”

  1. MikeD says:

    I love this manga! You are sooo lucky to be able to
    see this Anime. I’ll keep an eye open to see if anybody
    places it online. I just find this interesting. it is different
    than the battle mangas and the romantic manga.
    I love the artwork on many of the manga and wish
    that I could draw. The artwork touches my heart.

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