Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic

Creative SB - 01

No, I’m not a audiophile. Don’t expect any proper review from this post.

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic – the card drop from the ceiling.. Thanks to someone =)

Creative SB - 03

The card is an OEM card. What I got is the card itself and the sticker to indicate the output port.

The driver disc is provided by the card provider.

For more information on this card – Click here.

Creative SB - 04

The card itself.

Creative SB - 05


Gold finish back panel.

Creative SB - 06
Creative SB - 07

Worst thing first – the driver.

When I tried to install the driver for the card, I found that the 50mb++ driver is just a download manager like software. You need extra hours to download the actual driver.

Other than that, it seems there’s something wrong with the driver too. During the first and second try, my system couldn’t detect the card and I spent 2 hours plus just to get the card working properly.

Good thing is, the sound quality do improved a bit, especially when watching movie or playing games.

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