First Impression: Beelzebub

First Impression Beelzebub - 01

Beezlebub? Bleezebub? Beezelbub? LOL

Continuing with winter season, the second series featured in my first impression post is “Beelzebub”.

First Impression Beelzebub - 02

The story is about Tatsumi Oga, a delinquent who has been chosen to raise the son of the demon king. Yes, the green-haired fella is da mini-demon.

First Impression Beelzebub - 03

At first, I wasn’t planning to watch this series because shounen genre isn’t my cup of tea… usually…

But my brother’s first impression on the show is good, so I’m thinking of giving it a chance.

First Impression Beelzebub - 04

As expected, the story is pretty much “fired-up”. You know, shounen series focus more on masculinity and what you call that, burning spirit type. (eg, the orange suit ninja)

First Impression Beelzebub - 05

Although I’m bored with the starting of the episode, but the story gets interesting in the second half.

I’ll continue watching this series, before deciding to drop it.

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