Quick Journal 01


Starting a new series called as “Quick Journal” to replace the old “Week’O” series. I suppose I’ll use this series to post up some random thing.

Anyway, let me explain the reason of my absence from my blog..

Everything starts during my semester break….

I’m back into Ragnarok Online. Have you heard of the game? It’s a MMORPG that based on a Korean manga, and I played the game since it landed in Malaysia on 2004.

I stopped when they started the Pay-to-play system on 2006 if I’m not mistaken. Until few years ago, they started a Free-to-play server, I’m back to the game. However, I quit it after a while because of the low experience rate. Well, it’s free wha…

and recently, Malaysia joint with Taiwan, they launched a new mandarin server which has normal exp and item drop rate. Of course with new version patch, new jobs are available.. So, once again, I’m back into the game…

The rest is pretty much self explanatory. Why I went MIA? What am I doing during those times?

Leaving aside that matter, Chinese New Year is around the corner, and I’m now enjoying my CNY break (1 week).

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

6 thoughts on “Quick Journal 01”

  1. MikeD says:

    Happy Chinese New Year John.
    May it be filled with Happiness, Joy, Success
    and Love. Oh and a little more Money would
    be nice.

    1. John says:

      Happy Chinese New Year to you too =)

  2. Suto says:

    oh Poznanski, I so wish I could understand your lectures.

    Putting that aside,
    Happy Chinese New Year & let us all welcome the year of the rabbit

    1. John says:

      his trademark hand writing pwned everyone… ><

      Happy Rabbit-Rabbit year~

  3. CK says:


  4. Kyle says:

    RO is really fun. I did not play for it for too long honestly, my internet would not allow it. It is still one of the better MMORPG I have played.

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