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Spring is here, for the zombies.

Because of my mid term tests and practical assessments, all of my first impression posts and anime review posts are delayed.

I also cancelled my plan for doing Highschool of the Dead (HOTD) episode review, due to my coming final examinations around September.

Highschool of the Dead, or HOTD in short, is an anime about zombie apocalypse. You all know what is a zombie right? Those moving corpse like what we have in Left4Dead.

HOTD - 02

Our male protagonist, Komuro Takashi.

HOTD - 04

The female protagonist, Miyamoto Rei.

HOTD - 05

Igou Hisashi, who played an important supporting role in the first episode.

There of them are in a sort of love triangle. Takashi loves Rei but Rei loves Hisashi.

HOTD - 06

Other main protagonists, Takagi Saya and Hirano Kouta.

HOTD - 07

Marikawa Shizuka, another protagonist who plays the role of clumsy-big-breasted teacher.

HOTD - 08

Busujima Saeko, kendo expert.

I love cool girls with weapons. But somehow, I’m not attracted to her.

HOTD - 09

If you ever wondered how the zombie apocalypse started..

well, since the story starts straight into the point, what I can say is – everything starts from this man.

HOTD - 10

Students in panic is a must.

HOTD - 11

and of course BLOOD.

HOTD - 12

Zombies roaming around the campus, what a view.

HOTD - 13

Uhm…. well the director of this series, Tetsuro Araki, said he wanted to fill this anime with bouncing boobs other than zombies.

I don’t oppose his desire to do so, but please don’t ruin this show.

Anyway.. The first episode was fast and straight forward. You get the first zombie attack at the 6 minute of the show, and everything just goes on and on and on…

The story development is done quite well, but there’s one part that don’t make sense at all.

We know that Takashi saw the attack first handed from a distance, and he went straight to get his lover and friends instead of report it to the school management. But getting weapons?? I don’t understand how he deduce that they need weapons because there was a fight. Did he already know that the fight would turn out to be an all-out-zombie-attack? Worst of all, his friends who didn’t saw the incident followed what he did…

This is unbelievably convenient..*sigh*

Leaving that aside, the episode is quite good and left me a nice impression.. There’s a couple of great scenes, especially with the students in panic scene, the “best friend” scene at 14th minute, and the end of the episode.

4 thoughts on “First Impression: HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD”

  1. jasontjx says:


  2. Raki says:

    sadly for me, I feel its like a japanese interpretation of l4d or any kind of american zombies with boobs and chicks

  3. Fabrice says:

    This series is really meh, i didnt have high expectation and i still dont actually, im just watching it, to see how it ends up (after reading manga)

  4. John says:

    @jasontjx Interested in this series??

    @Raki @Fabrice LOL.. at first I was expecting something different from this series.. but after watching the episode.. well.. those feelings just faded away..

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